How to Love When love is fading

How to Love When love is fading

Two types of love exist. The inborn love where a parent and a child are bonded together from birth therefore love is their first priority other things will come later.

This love is always there although they may not recognize it. You came into existence through love, and it’s through it that you were conceived. Therefore, you can’t leave your parents or siblings or even your own child. There is nothing you can do about it.

The other type of love is love between soul mates. This kind of love although existed even before both the wife and husband were born, there are chances of it being broken regardless of how intense or good it is.

This is the reason why the Torah discusses marriage in the contextual view of divorce. “This how you marry- and if you must, this how you divorce, this is how it shall be done.” Divorce is also addressed first before marriage in the Talmud.

For a marriage to work, you must be aware of the fact that it can vanish anytime regardless of how tight you hold unto it. Therefore, it needs work on a daily basis, you must reignite the flame.

There are certain moments that you have to let go of. However, if you haven’t done anything yet to reignite your marriage then continue fighting for it. Do everything with love even if things are not right. Eventually, everything will fall into place and your flame will start burning. Love will be awakened. Strong bonds will be created just like that of a brother and sister.

Unconditional love will be realized if both husband and wife will strive to make their marriage work until they become one again.

Love is work. It needs everything for it to be reignited. Unconditional love, therefore, means that regardless of anything that’s happening, you should not give up on yourselves. Work it out. We should still love each other despite everything.

If you show unconditional love towards others, you’ll definitely receive it back.

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