What It’s Like to Be in the Friend Zone

Be in the Friend Zone

Being in the friend zone means that you have a friend, but you want to be able to have sex with them, but they only see you as a friend.

The funny thing about having someone in the friend zone is that guys are normally the ones that put up a friendship zone.

Most of the time women are the ones that are interested in guys that are not interested in them. Women will often hook up with a guy that she is interested in but because he is afraid that he cannot really have her that he will put her in the friend zone.

If he is trying to get her to like him, he wants to date her and he wants to have more than just being friends but sometimes he doesn’t know what she wants and so he has to make sure that his heart doesn’t get broken.

A guy will sometimes go to a woman and he will do things to make her know that he is attracted to her. This doesn’t mean that he will just look at her, but he will interact with her more than just a friend would.

He doesn’t want to make the relationship into a friendship, he wants to figure out what she is thinking and figure out if they should hang out or not.

If a lady gives you signs that she is interested in you, sometimes this means that she wants to be in a relationship with you more than just a friendship.

A guy that comes along and makes her feel that she is attractive or turns her on will cause her to have an interest in him. He will do this by being confident and using his charm. He will show her that he wants her and wants to have a chance to be with her.

But, when a guy puts her into the friend’s zone, he makes her feel that he only wants to be friends with her. When she wants to date him, she doesn’t believe that it will ever happen because he has put her in the friend’s zone.

Sometimes taking things slow can work and people can get closer and they will end up growing into a relationship, but he has to make sure that her emotions are strong. She will focus on trying to make him attracted to her and this is often where the relationship becomes sticky.

He wants to figure out what he is feeling and when he is around her, chances are he feels turned on, but he still is in the friend zone because he isn’t sure he wants to be romantic with her.

If it is someone that is in the same workplace, he might wonder if he can date her without getting into trouble. He might have a hard time interacting with her because he knows she is sexually attracted to him, but he doesn’t want to break any rules.

He might make subtle attempts to show that he is interested, and this can cause there to be sexual tension.

She might flirt back with him, hit him, bite her lip, or look at him in a sexual way. A guy that is in a friend zine might just be nice and not create a spark. He might ask how she is or how things are going at home but never cross the line.

Guys Don’t Know

Sometimes a guy doesn’t even know that he is putting a woman in the friend zone. They might have a friendship and he might wonder if he has a chance to be with her.

Guys have a hard time believing that they are attractive sometimes and when there is a beautiful woman, some guys wonder if they are good enough for her.

Guys are insecure just like women are and sometimes they do not know how to behave. They think if they take things slow that she will end up liking him, but he might have a hard time believing that they have a real connection.

When he sees someone else talking to her, he might be upset because he feels that she isn’t attracted to him or he might feel that she is being easy and causing all of the guys to fall for her.

A guy that is confident can make a woman attracted to him and he can do this with humor and with being confident and fun. He will want her to be attracted to him and he will want to create a sexual spark with her.

If she comes and asks him what he is doing or if he wants to go eat, he has to decide if that is what he wants or if he is going to put her in the friend zone.

When a guy is attracted and wants to see where things are going, he wants more than a friendship. When you are trying to figure out what is going on, it is a good idea to ask questions and to find out what she wants.

When guys use the friendship first approach, it can cause there to be a connection but if she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to him then chances are the relationship won’t go past the friendship zone.

Pay attention to what she says and if she says something like “you are nice and I enjoyed talking to you,” or “I don’t give out my number to people I meet at the bar,” then chances are that she doesn’t want to be anything but friends. She is not attracted to him and she is not even looking for a friendship.

Some women are only looking for sex and a romantic relationship and if she feels turned on by you then you may even find that the spark was there so strong that you might even hook up that night. There is a difference between friendship zones and sexual attraction.


If you are wanting to figure out if you are in the friendship zone or if there is going to be more, notice how the women are talking to you. Be aware of what you are saying and see if an opportunity comes to you to push the relationship to a new level.

If you are attracted to her and you want to pick her up, remember that women sometimes play hard to get but if you are showing her that you are attracted to her, she might be interested in being with you.

A woman will not want to always look at a guy as a friend and she is often looking for a romantic relationship. If she gives you her number, then you have to make a choice if you are going to want to have a friend or if you are interested in being attracted to her and having more than friendship.

Do not just go in the friend zone because you are afraid, or you don’t know what she is going to say or do. If there is a sexual attraction, built on it and see if you are wanting to be in a relationship with her that is more than just a friendship.

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