Knowing if Your Ex Has Feelings for You

if Your Ex Has Feelings for You

Did you ever break up with someone and then you felt that for a long time you were emotional and in a bad place? Then it seemed out of nowhere that your ex-boyfriend still had feelings for you?

This could have caused you to feel like you were on an emotional roller coaster. Maybe you didn’t know if you would even want your ex back.

This could be confusing, and it could make you question why you and your ex even broke up in the beginning if he had feelings for you still.

Most people think that when you end a relationship, that this can help the feelings and the thoughts and emotions to go away as well, but this is so not true.

Some couples will ignore each other after they break up, this is even more true if the breakup was messy or hard.

But there are other couples that will just not care about that, and they will stay friends and act normal when they see their ex out.

Some couples show strange behaviors when the breakup has happened, and this can cause confusion and weird feelings between them.

If you still have strong feelings for your ex and you feel that you want them back, you need to first find out if your ex still has feelings for you as well.

Does He Still Have Feelings for You?

If your ex is trying to see you or talk to you or if he messages you, this can be signs that he still has feelings for you. He might even talk to one of your mutual friends and ask about you. Pay attention to see if he has regrets about breaking up with you.

Check out his body language and the things that he says when he texts you or talks to you. Maybe you have an ex, and you wonder if he still has feelings for you?

Figure out if he called you when he was drunk or if he has people that you both know that he just cannot stop talking about you to. This can still be confusing, but you have to learn to be able to read the signals so that you know what he is feeling and what his behavior means.

Maybe the way that he acts makes you feel that he has already moved on and forgotten who you are. You believe that he is happy, and you know that he has been dating other people. This can cause you to start comparing things in your life and to try to figure out why the breakup happened and why he no longer had the affection for you that you once shared.

Most women want to know why the affection stopped. Women can deal with whatever it is that a guy throws at her, but it is important that women know what happened to mess the relationship up.

Sometimes when people break up, the ex will hide their feelings because they don’t know if the other person will feel the same. In most of the situations like this, ex partners will combine their thoughts and feelings without even realizing that they do this.

That means that even if the ex has been acting strange, even if he doesn’t have feelings for you, it is still easy to get drawn in by this. You will know that your ex has feelings for you by how he is acting and even if you are confused, look for the signs.

Here are some things that might make you see that your ex has feelings for you still:

Staying in Touch

One of the biggest signs that an ex still has feelings for you is that he will try to stay in touch with you no matter what.

It is fine to be friends with your ex, if you can do that, because he is going to be someone that knows you and shared a lot of intimate moments with you. There is no reason to hate each other after the breakup.

It is normal for people to keep contact after breaking up but if your ex is always pushing you to talk to them and wants to talk for hours or never stops texting, this can be a sign he still wants you.

There is always the possibility of course that he appreciates the person that you were in his life, and he wants to keep you close, or it can be that he wishes you never broke up.

Pay attention to other signs and see if he still cares for you.

Running into You Often

You and your ex really know each other, and this means that he knows all the places that you hang out and the things that you like to do.

He probably knows where you work and where you go to the gym and what stores you love to shop at.

If you happen to run into your ex every time you go somewhere, this is probably not by coincidence.  This can be a sign that he is looking for you because he still has feelings for you.

If this keeps happening with your ex, chances are he doesn’t want to tell you that he misses you and regrets breaking up with you, yet, but he might start inviting you out for a drink or to lunch.

He might have feelings too strong that he is afraid to let his guard down and to ask you out, but he thinks that if he still sees you out that he can know what is going on in your life and if you are with someone else.

Asking About You

If you are in a serious relationship with someone then you know all of their friends and family members. Chances are you shared some of these mutual people in your lives.

This doesn’t mean that you will stop hanging out with these people after the breakup, but it can make them the middleman. So, if your ex is always asking them about you, chances are that he wants you back.

Look at the situation and see what information he is trying to get from them and find out if he is desiring to make the relationship fixed.

When he asks others about you, he can see the reaction that you give, without actually talking to you. This can mean that he wants to know what you have been doing or it can mean that he misses you. Maybe he cannot help to keep bringing you up.

Staying in Touch with People Close to You

In a long-distance relationship, your ex will have gotten close to your family and friends. This is normal and even though you enjoyed this relationship, it can be bothersome if you don’t plan on being together with him again.

You will know if your ex still feelings for you has if he hangs out with your family or your friends. When he breaks up with you, you should see that he no longer hangs out with them but if he makes it a point to hang out with these people, he might be wanting to get close to you again.

He would sometimes do this in order to keep in touch with what is going on in your life. When he hangs out with these people that are so close to you, it makes him feel closer to you as well.

Finding Things Out

When people are done with a breakup, they move on and find someone else to date. Most people want their ex to be happy, but they don’t try to figure things out about them or stay in their life.

If your ex is trying to find out if you are dating someone new or if you still have feelings for him, chances are that he is still interested in you.

When he tries to talk to you, pay attention to what he says and what he asks you. He does this because he wants to be with you, and he doesn’t want you with someone else.

Love Life

One big sign that your ex still wants you is that he tries to find out about your love life. He wants to know if you are with someone else or if you are still single.

If your ex is afraid that you will find someone new, he will try to find out every detail of what you are doing and who you are with.

If you are still single and he is interested in you, he will not date either and he will try to find out who you like and if you have dated anyone for a while.

Chances are that he hates the idea that he has lost you and he want to find out if he can get you back.


If your partner broke up with you and there was no real reason except a few fights and disagreements, this should have been forgotten before it came to an end.

If you both keep thinking about what the problem was in the relationship and you cannot seem to get over it, chances are you are not over each other.

The relationship that you had with him should not leave grudges or hurt and if he is constantly going over issues that you guys had, it might be because he is trying to move on and get back with you.


It is normal for your boyfriend to be jealous of other guys when you are dating but if your ex is jealous of the people that you hang out with, this is a sign.

It might be pretty wild for you to see this, but this is a sign that he wants to be with you and that he doesn’t want you to be with someone else.

If your ex is acting like you are still together, he probably still is in love with you. It is his time to be able to tell you that he wants to be with you but if he is talking negatively about your partner that you are with and being rude, this is showing jealousy.

He might not ever tell you that he likes you, but this is a sign that he does.

No Contact

You might have decided to do a no contact rule with him because you were heartbroken over the breakup.

If this is the case and you are following the no contact rule, but you find that he isn’t doing it, it can mean that he wishes that the relationship wasn’t over.

If your ex is refusing to follow this rule and not doing what you asked him, he might want to be around you and have the opportunities to see you and contact you because he is afraid of really letting you go.

He will do the opposite of what you ask because he isn’t ready to move on from you.

Social Media

If your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, he might go and look at all of your social media accounts and see what he can find out about you.

This will show him what is going on in your life and if you have a new boyfriend or if you are talking to other guys.

If he hasn’t unfollowed you or unfriended you on social media, it doesn’t mean that he still likes you, it could mean that he just wants to be friends.

But if he is always messaging or liking your stuff, chances are he isn’t over you.

Avoiding You

People feel that when someone ignores them that this means that they hate you. This is sometimes the case but sometimes people will act that way because they are afraid to show you, their feelings.

If your ex is over you, he will be indifferent to the things that you do but if he avoids you or he doesn’t try to speak to you or he runs away when he sees you, it can be because he misses you and doesn’t want to tell you that.

Drunk Calling

People are most honest when they are drunk and so if your ex-boyfriend is calling you or texting you when he is drunk, pay attention to what he is saying to you.

If he ignores you every other day and then texts you or calls when he is drunk, he probably still has feelings for you. He just will be able to be in charge of his emotions when he is drunk or can use that as an excuse and this is a big sign.

He will have an urge to call you when he is drunk, and he will not feel afraid of you rejecting him or telling him no.

Not Dating

People don’t often get into a new relationship after a hard breakup. They like to take time to get to know the person more and to get to know themselves more.

If you and your ex broke up a long time ago and he still hasn’t dated anyone, this can be a sign that he still loves you.

If he has dated some girls but it was never serious, he might have put this part of his life on hold because he is hoping to get you back.

He might still love you and he might still be going through the emotions of the breakup.

Still Together

If your ex is still acting like you are together, this is a big sign that he still has feelings for you. If he keeps texting, you in the morning, flirting with you or texting you before bed, he probably has not even accepted that you have broken up.

If he still loves you and cannot handle the idea of you out of his life, he might be wanting a second chance with you.

He might not have thought that this breakup was as serious as you thought it was and he might think that you are still in love with him no matter what happened.

Girlfriend Looks Like You

Men like the same types of girls sometimes and sometimes they will date people that look similar to how you look.

If your ex still has feelings for you and he finds a girl that acts or looks like you, it can mean that he is not over you and that he wants to be with you.

There is a possibility that everyone else will see that he is dating a girl that looks like you and this a mean that he hasn’t moved on yet.

Taking Responsibility

If you have been in a bad relationship and there were a lot of fights and manipulation, it could have been very bad for you.

You most likely had a boyfriend that was treating you poorly and that is why you broke up.

It seems like since you broke up with him that he sees all of the mistakes that he made and how he treated you so badly. If he begins to take responsibility for his actions, it can mean that he realizes how he treated you.

This is someone that probably took you for granted and didn’t realize how great you were to him and how much you did for him.

The breakup might have made him realize that he messed up and now he wants to do what he can to get you back.

Takes Care of You

An ex-boyfriend should be kind and caring even after a breakup but if your partner sees that they are not with you anymore, but they are still taking care of you, this is a sign they still want you.

If your ex tries to take care of things you need and tries to text you and make sure that you are safe and have what you want, this means he will do whatever he can to help you and to make your life better.

He might even worry about you just like he did when you were together. This is a strong sign that he loves you and has feelings for you.

Non-Verbal Signs

Sometimes people are not able to say what they are feeling but if you look at their non-verbal actions, you will be able to know what the truth is.

If you wonder if he still has feelings for you, look and see how he is acting. Does he brighten up when he sees you? Does he smile when you walk in the room?

He might try to hide his emotions, but his body and his eyes are never going to be able to lie and you can tell if he still loves you or not by how he acts.

If he is touchy with you or if he smiles at you with his eyes, chances are that he misses you.

Social Media and His Pain

Social media is there to show people who you are.  You will know a lot about someone by their social media.

There are people that will delete everything that has to do with their ex from social media right after the breakup because they don’t want to see that part of their life anymore.

If your ex keeps your pictures on his social media and the things that showed how happy you were, it means that he probably misses you two being together.

If he posts statuses that are sad or about breakups, chances are that he misses you and he is having a hard time telling you.

Making You Laugh and Smile

The best way to get a girl to like you is to make them laugh and smile. If your ex tries to talk to you and send you jokes and do things that will make you happy, he might be trying to win over your heart again.

If he didn’t have feelings for you, he wouldn’t be doing this. He might go out of his way to make things up so that you will laugh, and he will avoid topics that are sad or hard when he does talk to you.

When he sees you, he will share jokes with you, and he will do what he can so that you can smile and feel good.

Talking About Memories

Every relationship is full of good times and bad times. After you and your ex break up, there is a chance for you to look back at the relationship and see what was good.

If one person still has feelings, chances are that they will forget the bad times and only remember the good times and they will remember the day of the breakup.

An ex that loves you still will think about all the good times and he will have the good memories stored in his mind and his heart. He will do whatever he can to talk to you about the good memories and to see if you still care about them as much as he does.

Do not fall into the place where he forgets the negative things though, these things have to work out if you ever get back together.

It is okay to get back with your ex if that is what you want, but you need to be real about what went wrong and make sure that you can fix this before you move forward.

Sexual Thoughts

A guy that wants to be back with you will want to have sex with you again.  He will do what he can to get back in bed with you and he will talk sexually and talk about all the passionate times that you had together.

Make sure that he isn’t just trying to sleep with you. Even if you have the desire to be back in bed with your ex, you have to decide if this is just about sex or if you want to be with him again.

He might just miss your body and you should never have just a booty call. If you don’t have strong feelings beyond sex for this person, you need to definitely move on.

Won’t Give Your Stuff Back

After the breakup, you and your ex should exchange items that belonged to each other. This can break the connection that you had.

Many of these things are full of memories. If your ex decides he is not giving your stuff back or if he avoids you when you ask, this can mean that he still has feelings for you. He might make you call him but then forget that he promised to meet that day.

He might be holding on to these things because he misses you and wants to still have a part of you.

Your stuff will be a constant reminder of what he lost, and it can mean that he is not willing to accept that you guys are no longer together.

Negative Emotions

Your ex might still love you if he is showing negative emotions to you. Maybe he is talking badly about you to other people and putting you down. This can mean that he is angry at you and that he is upset about the breakup.

Sometimes guys do this and talk negatively when they really love you and this happens because they allow their ego to be in control of their emotions.

If you see that your ex is ignoring you or showing you no emotions, chances are that he is completely over you and has moved on. But if he acts rude or has strong emotions, he probably still misses you.


Breakups can be very hard, and it can be hard to get over someone that you have spent so much of your life with.

After you realize this and you start to move on, but you feel that your ex hasn’t, you need to figure out what you want.

You can do a no contact rule and not contact him for so many days and see what kinds of feelings that you have, or you can talk to him and see where things go.

The most important thing that can happen is that you can heal. You need to heal rather your ex still has feelings for you or if you have not thought of ever getting back with him.

Your heart and your mind need to come to an agreement as to what you are feeling and thinking and work things out in yourself so that you can move on and be happy in your life.

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