What Happens When Someone is Aromantic

Aromantic and Asexual

Someone that is aromantic is someone that doesn’t really care for romance. They are someone that is attracted to people sometimes, but they don’t like to have to have romantic acts. People that are aromantic are people that often have demiromantic or cupioromantic tendencies and they are often bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual and all have aromantic feelings.

Being a person that is aromantic is someone that doesn’t like romance or someone that doesn’t like romance much. It can be someone that still gets close to others, and you can have close relationships, but they might not be a strong as other people.

People that have different kinds of relationships in their life are not always romantic people. Being friends or part of a family can be important, but you can still be aromatic which means that you are not happy with romance, but you still desire good relationships with people.

Aromantic and Asexual

People that are asexual are different than those that are aromantic. They are people that have no desire for sex while someone that is aromantic just hasn’t the desire to be romantic with someone else.

Sex can be a part of the romance part, but romance and sex are not the same thing, and someone can have sex but not want to be in a romantic relationship. Someone can have the desire to be sexual but many times they don’t desire having sex with others.

Sexual Orientation and Romantic Orientation

A person that is aromantic will often not have romance or be attracted to it, but they do experience other attractions such as sex attraction or emotional attraction.

Sex and romance are different and sexual orientation and romance orientation are also different. You can meet someone that is asexual, but they are romantically attracted to others. They don’t care about the gender identity of someone because they don’t want to have sex.

An aromantic person can be bisexual, heterosexual, homoromantic or more and they will be someone that has no romantic attraction, but they want to have sex with different kinds of people.

Romantic and sexual orientation can be different and can describe what someone likes and what they want in both romance and in sex.

Aromantic Flag

An aromantic flag can be a five horizontal stripes of two different colors of green, white, grey, and black. This will also have orange, or it can look like the Jamaica flag. The black and grey is about the sexuality and the white stripe means platonic relationships. The green means aromantic and it can still mean someone has sexual desires, the flag just doesn’t say that.

When People Don’t Understand Aromanticism

There is nothing wrong with being aromantic and not everyone will understand where you are coming from. People do not have to get what you feel they just need to accept you for who you are.

Each experience in life is different and the best thing that you can do is to tell people who you are and what you believe in. Find people that you trust to talk to and tell them the reason that you feel the way that you do.

When someone doesn’t understand you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t accept you. You don’t have to worry about this, and you should not let your emotions control this. If you struggle with people that don’t get you, you need to make sure that you talk to someone that does. It can be hard on your mental health to not feel accepted but never change who you are.

Resources for Aromantic People

Some people have experience with being aromantic and some do not. You can find resources online that can help you to find others that have the aromantic spectrum. You need to stand up for who you are and be a voice and you can do that by finding more about other people.

You can go on AUREA and find other resources that can help you with your online research. There is also the Ace and Aro Advocacy Project which can help you with more information.

Meeting Other Aromantic People

Find out if there are other people in your area that are experiencing the same feelings that you are. It will be natural for you to want to meet others that feel the same as you do. You can find people in groups or online to understand you.

Celebrating You

Many people have aromantic spectrum awareness and it starts on the first Sunday after Valentine’s Day each and every year. It is an internationally recognized day to spread awareness to others about what aromantic is. This can help people to understand what you are going through. If you want to be part of this week, you can find more about it online. There are people that celebrate this each year and will write about their experiences.


If you feel that you are needing support for who you are and what you feel, find a therapist online or go to one in person. They will be able to help you work through your feelings and will provide you with the help that you need in your life to be strong and healthy.

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