Do You Really Need a Partner?

Do You Really Need a Partner?

Have you ever heard of someone that was in a relationship for decades at a time? Some marriages will seem to last forever but are they healthy? Some people that have been married for what seems like eternity barely talk and they do not hold hands or even go out. They will celebrate each anniversary as they pass by, but they are not really committed like people think.

Needing to be Married

People do not have to be married in order to be in a relationship. Some people need to be loved but they don’t find the idea of being married for them. Some even hate the idea of having to make a legal bond with someone.

Some marriages are very happy and seem to last a long time while other marriages end in hard divorces. People are not always happy to be with one partner and they feel that their success rate is low.

People sometimes look for life partners while others want to just have affairs or sleep with who they want. People that live in France, for example, often allow their partners to have affairs. They are accepting of lusts and they don’t understand why they have a hard time being with one person.

Happiness can be found when you find a soulmate, and this will be someone that lets you have good times and bad times in your life. When the relationship comes to an end, people find someone else to fill the gap.

Having Affairs

Some people believe that couples want to have affairs because it makes their life fun. They don’t like being with one partner and they feel that this is boring. They want to have different sexual practices and have more people in their life.

Some believe that those that switch partners do not have to deal with the expectations that people with one partner have to face. They feel that this can cause their sex life to be exciting.

Others believe that people that believe in one partner are childish, and that people fall in love but that the excitement doesn’t last forever. They believe that a soulmate is someone that they meet for a time and that love will keep them going but that it should be fun and exciting.

Marriage and Priorities

Some people believe that when someone is not able to commit then they are passing up the idea of happiness while others believe that they are just giving up on things such as having to raise children or having to split the chores.

When they cheat, they can have sex with people that agree to the same terms and not have to face the negative traits.

When a couple can work together and meet their needs and love each other forever, this is great, but some people do not have this luck.

Some people will want to be alone, and they will make sure that their life and their careers are fulfilled. They will appreciate the company of others, but they will not want to make a commitment.

Millennials are people that are looking at relationships differently. They accept having sex and doing things such as threesomes.

One Sided Journey

Many people will think that they will never let their partner have someone else. They know that they will feel jealous if this even comes to their mind. They worry about pushing their partner into the hands of someone else, while others want to have a less traditional hook up.

This is something that is not easy for people to understand. They were taught to be with one partner, but some have spent many years trying to find the perfect relationship only to find that an open relationship is what they want.

A life partner is a great thing to have, and you can adapt to this but there are different things that you have to accept such as dating, letting them love you and what someone likes sexually and what they don’t.


There is a dark side of romance and this is falling in love and ignoring issues but still staying together. This can cause problems in the relationship and when this happens early in, people often find small faults are pushing them away.

It is hard to stay out of the past and to learn to go down the right path and it is hard to avoid pain in your life. When someone is willing to commit, it means that they need to decide if they want one partner or many.

Some people are lost in the idea of marriage while some feel that it is not worth it. Since divorce is at such a high rate, some people believe that just being intimate with many people can keep the excitement flowing and it can come in many forms than just marriage.

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