When You Know They Don’t Care About Your Relationship

They Don’t Care About Your Relationship

Are you in a relationship and you feel that something isn’t right? Maybe he isn’t texting you back or he is acting distant. Sometimes these actions can show you that he no longer cares about the relationship.

When your relationship started, things were amazing, and he would call you all the time. He would check out what you are doing during the day and he would pay attention to you. Maybe things started to change slowly, and this is when you started to see that things were not the same and things seemed strange. When things aren’t like they used to be, this can be a bad sign that he no longer cares about this relationship.

You may not have mentioned this, but you have just been sitting around watching what would happen next. Maybe you hate confronting things, and you feel that you shouldn’t make a move yet, but you need to know what is happening.

Maybe you need to take time to confront your partner before it makes you feel worse than you do and find out what is going on with him and if he wants to be in the relationship or not. He isn’t the only person that is in the relationship and he needs to tell you what he is feeling so you know what to do next.

This could be easier than you think but even if it isn’t, you need to know.

Signs He No Longer Wants to Be in the Relationship

You need to figure out if he wants to be with you or not, you need to listen and pay attention to the signs around you.

Something is Strange

If you feel something is off and you feel he no longer cares about the relationship, pay attention to what is going on and figure out where the relationship is going.

You need to listen and if you know something isn’t right, confront it. Something is probably wrong if you feel it because we all have a gut feeling for a reason.

Everything is Your Fault

When you talk about your feelings or you want to know what relationship ideas he has, but he is always changing the subject or blaming you, this could mean he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

You are not the only one in the relationship and you aren’t to blame for what is going on. If he doesn’t care about you, move on.


Maybe you see that he no longer cares about what you are feeling. He makes decisions without asking you and he ignores things you want him to do.

If you feel okay with him being in charge of everything, fine, but if you don’t, this is a sign you need to confront.

Dismissing You

When he dismisses you when you start to talk to him, this shows he no longer cares. He needs to be respectful and listen to what you want to say.

When he isn’t doing this, he is no longer connected to you. If he sighs or walks away, it’s a good sign he no longer cares.

Getting to Know You

When you first started dating, he wanted to know everything about you. If this changed and he is no longer curious about who you are or what you are doing, he might want to move on.

You know things don’t feel right and you need to figure out where the relationship is going.

You Don’t Go Out

Now all of a sudden you no longer go out. You don’t do what couples do such as eating out or going to the movies, or anything for that matter. You barely hang out and watch television.

If he doesn’t want to do things with you, you need to figure out why.

Feeling Drained

When you spend time with your partner and you feel drained and tired, it can be a sign there is a problem. If you feel that he is always nagging or causing you to feel bad, it might not be a good relationship for you.


He should be with you when he talks to you and not be thinking about everything else. If he is texting someone else when you try to talk to him or walking away, what is the point of staying with him?

If he doesn’t want to be with you, move on and find someone else.

You Make All the Moves

When you are the one that is always having to make a connection to be together, this can be a bad sign. Does he ever make the first move? If you answer no, it might be time to talk about something new in the relationship or breaking up. This is not normal.

Helping You

If your guy comes home and sits on the couch when you have worked all day, he isn’t about you or the relationship. He should be offering to help you around the house. Also, if you go shopping, he should carry groceries in or help you in any ways.

He should even do small favors for you and if he cares about you, he will help you.

Looking at Other Women

Guys will naturally look at beautiful women but if you find that he is always checking out other girls, this is a sign to get out. Do not let him disrespect you and treat you badly just because he is a guy.

He should care about you and your relationship and if he doesn’t, move on. Some people want an open relationship but if you aren’t that person, then you need to move on before your heart gets broken even more.

Meeting His Friends and Family

If you have been with this guy for a while and you have yet to meet his friends or family, this is a bad sign. He should be wanting to show you off.

This is where you know he is keeping a complete separate life from you and this is not healthy for you.


Your man should want to be with you all the time in body, mind, and soul. If he is only showing up at night or to have sex with you, you need to break up with him and move on. Do not let him treat you poorly and if he is, break up with him.

If he distances himself emotionally to you and only wants sex, this is not for you.

Avoiding Having Sex

On the other hand, if he won’t have sex with you and he seems to always be going out, this can be a sign he has met someone else. He should show you that you matter, and sex is one of the biggest ways that girls know they are wanted.

Talking of the Future

When you are with someone, you want the future to be noticed. If your guy is not talking about the future or he talks about the future without including you, this is a sign to move on from him.


Once you look at the signs, pay attention to how your guy is treating you. If he is treating you poorly or not meeting your needs, move on and find someone that loves you.

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