Love or Friendship? Which One will You Choose?

Love or Friendship? Which One will You Choose?

People love to socialize, and we have emotions that are strong and play a role in what decisions we make in life. In all of the emotions that we have, love is the strongest and it follows by empathy. We learn to be around people that we can relate to and people that make us feel that we are better and who we are. We want to be around those that help us to have less stress and to be less anxious.

All the emotions that we have help us to know who we want to spend time with and why. We will have family, friends, strangers, lovers and even people that are our frenemies that we hang around or see in our lives.


When you love someone, you choose to give them all of you including your heart and your soul. You love when they touch you and you might even get butterflies when you see them staring at you. Love is something that can be beautiful and fulfilling in your life.


Friendship is something that should be easy. This will give you different feelings and you will feel at home with people that you are friends with. You will not have strong emotions and your relationship will not be possessive or jealous.

If you find a good friend, you will be lucky and you will have someone that has a place in your heart that will be there when you need them.

Choosing Love or Friendship

When you choose love and friendship, your heart has different feelings. Having to choose love OR friendship is something totally different and love is there in each person’s heart, but friendships are formed because of the love and interaction that you show others.

Love is important and having a partner can be amazing but having a friendship can be something even deeper and pure. This can be a mutual love and respect and understanding.

Having a friend is easy and they understand you and see you when you are at your worst moments in life. A love interest is someone that you don’t want to see your bad time and this person you always want to be the best for.

You cannot always choose if you want to be friends with someone or if you want even more. There are many reasons why you might have to choose but some reasons why you might not want to.

Differences and Similarities

Love is something that is a passionate feeling. It is something you desire once you have it and this can be both good and bad. If you are lacking love, you might miss out on the excitement. Being friends with someone means that you are not rushing into things and you will feel warm and cared about.

Rare Love

Love is something that does not always come along but you can always friend new friends. You will of course, have people in your family loving you but finding a partner is hard. Losing a friendship will not make you feel like losing a lover will.

Friendship and Demanding

Love is very demanding because it is special, and it is something that takes up your time. Friendship will never demand your time and you will not get burnt out on being someone’s friend.

Jealousy and Love

Love and jealousy go hand in hand. If you are attached to someone, you will not want them to want to be around other people and you will be jealous.

Friendships do not normally get jealous and you will want them to have other friends too.

Positive Life

Both love and friendship are strong emotions, and they should bring happy feelings to your life. You need to have both of these things in your life so that you can be happy.

Depending on Them

When things are hard or you are going through bad times, you should be able to talk to your partner or your friend to help you. Stick close to those that love you and stay away from people that do not show you love.

Love and Friendship

Once you form a bond with someone, you can become more than friends. You will have security in this person, and it might cause different feelings to come into your life. You should never feel fear about opening up to your friend.

Making the Right Choice

Relationships and friendships are important, and you need them to make positive feelings in your life. When you need to choose between love and friendship, it can be hard.

Look at what you have with this person and realize that there is a choice. Do you want to be deeper with this person and do you feel that they meet what is missing in your soul? If you believe that you are making a choice that is giving you peace, you will see that you made the right choice.

Love is very passionate, but it can end and cause jealousy and hurt. You might even hate them after you break up. Friendship is different and they will help you to be a better person and give you more chances in your life.

This person will not lie to you and will always care about your mental health and your wellbeing.


If you feel that you are falling on love, remember that love and friendship should be one thing. You have to figure out what you want in your life. Do you want to stay up at night wondering if you are really falling in love or do you want the peace to know that you have a friend that can love you and be there for you and that will not end badly?

Making the decision to move from friendship to love can be toxic in your life and you have to know when to let go. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are listening to your heart and that you are letting your friendships teach you about love and life.

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