Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

There are things that women can do that will drive a man away. No one is a real relationship expert and most people in relationships are not psychiatrists or sociologists and most of them do not know all the ins and outs of relationship thoughts but most of them have asked the question, “what does a woman do that will drive a man away?”

With this list, it can help you to understand what men are looking for and what they hope to avoid.

Here is a list of things that drive men away:


Men need to have space and they do not want to be with someone that is going to be overly clingy. Be careful that you are not always calling or having to be in the same room with your man. He is not your hostage and you can let him have his life outside of you.

Men will sometimes want to hang out with their friends or have alone time and when women think that they always have to be there, this can cause the relationship to go sour. A woman that knows anything about relationships knows that being jealous or too clingy can cause a guy to cheat or to get out of the relationship fast.

Trying to force a guy to always be with you is only driving him away. If she cannot trust him on his own, chances are he is not right for her anyways.


A guy that is interested in meeting you want to meet the real you right away. He doesn’t want to meet someone fake and be tricked down the road.

If you are a lady and you are pretending to be soft spoken and sweet and then later you are angry and loud, he will be driven away.

A guy that doesn’t know who the real you are will have a hard time trusting you and believing in who you are. Do not try to be someone you aren’t to win a guy over but let him fall for who you are right away.

Wanting Stuff

When a guy is dating a girl, chances are he works hard for what he has, and he will not want to give it all to her. Even though a guy will want to spoil his girl, she should not always be wanting everything that he can dish out to her. Having a good man should be good enough and there shouldn’t be any strings attached.

If a guy is with someone that cries and moans and is only happy when she has expensive or nice things, he needs to look to someone else that can share a life and not use him.

What She Means

When a guy asks you what you are feeling, you need to tell him the truth instead of hiding it. It is sometimes hard for people to communicate but if you want to be in a good and honest relationship, you have to be open.

Men are not always great at communicating so when they ask a woman what is wrong and she says, “nothing,” he will believe it. He will believe her to be honest and expect her to say what she means. If she is saying the opposite, then he will not be able to read between the lines.

Guys do not always see a problem unless they are told something is wrong. If you are with a guy, tell him what you are thinking and do not leave him guessing.


Sex is important to men. Sex is going to be one of the biggest parts of most relationships. Sex needs to be good sex if you are going to keep a man happy. Good sex can be learned, and it is important that you talk with your partner on what you want in bed. Relationships that have a hard time with sex might not work out and it can cause all kinds of problems.

Boring sex is going to cause men to want to find sex somewhere else. Find out what your guy likes in bed and do what you can to make your sex exciting and fun.

Communicate with your partner and always be open with what you both want when you are sleeping together, and this will never give either of you a reason to cheat.

Other Men

If a guy is always talking about tother men, then this is not going to let the relationship work out. Guys like to be number 1 in your life and if you are not showing them that they are number 1, they will find someone that will.

Guys are protective and want to be the master int their relationship. They don’t want to have to always fight for the woman or to deal with other men trying to take their place.


Most men do not want to deal with drama. Do not call your man while he is at work about little things but wait till, he gets home. Do not over react and do not try to control your man to get his attention.

Do things that are sweet to get his attention and do things that turn him on. Instead of being pushy, let him be in charge and let him take care of you.

Stop trying to make things happen your way and stop being dramatic.

Hard and Cold

Guys expect women to be kind and caring and not to be hard and cold. A guy will not want to be with a girl that is disrespectful or mean to other people. If you are with a girl and you do not know if she is going to be nice that day or cold, chances are you will not be together very long.

Cold behavior can drive someone away and if you do not want the relationship to be pushed away then be kind and caring.


Women should never expect a man to be honest and loving if she is out fooling around with other guys. Cheating is something that is not acceptable and if you are a man or a woman and you are cheating, you are being dishonest and you are not respecting your partner.

If your lady is with a man, even if they are not sleeping together, chances are she is cheating in her heart. Make sure that you are with someone that is not being deceptive to you.


Men do not want to be with a woman that always has to be in control. This kind of behavior can cause a relationship to end fast. Guys do not want to compete with their mate for power. They don’t want to compete with their job or who brings in the most money at home. They don’t want to compete as who has the most education or who is the best at this or that.

If you want to make your partner last, make sure that you are not upstaging them in public. Allow them to be smart and allow them to look smart. Do not be rude to them for no reason, even if you disagree and allow your guy to say what they are feeling.

Guys do not want to be intimidated by their mate and they want to be able to show off their lady and to have a good relationship. This kind of relationship can be strong, and no guy wants to be with a woman that has bad behavior or is on a power struggle.

Make sure that you are communicating with your partner and if there are things you do not agree with then you can work through them. Have good communication and you will see that your relationship can make it far.

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