Ways of Saving an Almost Ending Relationship

Ways of Saving an Almost Ending Relationship

You might be in a relationship that you feel is going nowhere but you are still in love with that person, the one that you fight daily or one that you feel your partner doesn’t do the things they used to do.

It’s easy to dispose of and write off a relationship that has hit a few snags since we live in a disposable society. How are you trying to reignite the flame? That’s the question that you should ask yourself. To end a relationship two people must be involved, therefore, start suggesting things to reignite the fire rather than blaming the other person.

Below are things you can do to reignite an almost ending relationship:

  1. Date like you used to date in the beginning.

Do the things that used to make you happy at the beginning of your relationship. You can spend a night having dinner or bowling if you used to do that. Make someone remember why they wanted to be with you and not why they want to get rid of you.

  1. The kids will be alright for one night if you are not there

Quite a number of couples use kids as an excuse for their almost ending relationship.  But honestly, you’re the ones who needed the kids and kids bring a lot more in a relationship than the death of it.

Therefore you can create time to be alone, have adult time and just connect with each other after sending kids for a sleepover maybe to their grandma’s house

  1. Be Romantic

You can send flirtatious texts or email to your significant other just for no reason. You can tell them how much you miss them or tease them. Such kind of random texts will reignite a romantic feeling.

Flirt with each just the way you used to do at the beginning of your relationship.

  1. Take a weekend getaway

You can try new things together like a road trip, dancing, cooking etc. do something that you can learn together, that’s all that matters since something new will be created that you will be able to talk about.

If you love a person and you’re trying hard to hold onto the relationship then you can apply these tips before bidding bye to the relationship.

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