Being Too Clingy

Being Too Clingy

When you are interested in someone, you find that you are playing the chase game and you might decide that it becomes too tiring. You might also be dating someone new, but you cannot seem to get over your ex. You might have a hard time learning how to act or you feel that you need to talk or contact your ex and you might find even that you are being overly needy.

If you have a guy you are talking to and they are missing because of your actions, you can relate that you are being desperate over flirty and you need to learn to resist the urges to chase your new guy away. Here are some behaviors that you need to learn to resist:


If you are texting each other and you are in the middle of a conversation, you can continue the conversation, but if you are constantly texting your guy, or you do not give him more than a couple minutes before you text again, you are being too clingy.

If he doesn’t answer right away or even at all, it is probably time that you consider looking for someone else and if his answers are just one word, he might be playing a game with you and not really be interested but just showing his polite side.

Guys that are not interested will text one-word answers and they will not want to have a real conversation. They will lack the communication and so this can be a time to find someone else.


When you talk to someone or text someone then you need to not be insecure. Being insecure and clingy go together and if you are in a relationship where you are not sure if your partner is interested in you, you might become clingy. You have to learn to grow and join something that makes you have passion. Join a club or take a class. Learn to find something that makes you happy before you even start a relationship.

If you talk to a guy and you are nervous that he isn’t answering, know that he is probably busy, or he doesn’t even know how great you are. Don’t be clingy or worried, just take things slow.

Following Him

When you follow a guy around, you are definitely being clingy. You have to learn to have fun hanging out with your friends and not just the guy you are interested in. Guys will find it annoying that you are always following them around even if you are being harmless.

Do not get to the point where you make your guy wonder if you are a stalker and do not make excuses to be everywhere, he is. Show a guy you are interested by not suffocating him and let him see you and flirt with him and then let him come to you.

You do not have to be pushy in order to win a guy over, this only does the opposite. Be open and kind but do not ever act desperate. Let the guy feel drawn to you and have fun.

Overanalyzing Things

When you are on Facebook or other social media and you see your guy posting something, do not overanalyze it. Allow them to make posts and do not feel that you are being attacked when they do it.

If you find that you are obsessed with his social media, you are desperate, and you need to check yourself and stop worrying so much about things.

Do not like all of his stuff or act like you are cyber stalking him. This can make you look desperate and clingy.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship and when you find that you are not able to trust someone you are interested in, move on. This behavior is part of being insecure but if you have a real reason to not trust someone then move on. If you are being overly clingy, on the other hand, and you are not trusting because of that, back off.

Being insecure can cause you not to be able to accept real love or to see when people are being genuine. Being jealous or insecure can cause you to lose out on something that could be good. You should never be in a relationship where you have unhealthy feelings or jealousy.


One sign that you are being too clingy is that you are always accommodating what the guy wants, even if it does not help you. Do not always call them right back and don’t always change your plans to do what they want to do. Stick with your girlfriends if they ask you to go out and if you want to make plans with your family, do it.

Let the guy give as much as you are, or you will find yourself in a relationship that is unhealthy and where you are being taken advantage of. You have self-worth and you need to have it.

Moving Fast

Do not move too fast in your relationship. Moving too fast can cause the relationship to fail and being clingy can cause there to be pressure where there shouldn’t be. Do not try to introduce your new guy to your family after you have only went on a couple of dates and do not start talking about the future.

Even talking about the near future can cause a guy to get scared and not want to date you. Being overly clingy can cause a guy to be worried and to not want to be in the relationship.


If you are one of the people that are falling into these dating mistakes, learn to change. Learn to be less clingy or you will ruin something good. You must find your self-worth and if the relationship does not work out, then let it go. Do not be overly clingy or you risk the chances of having a hard time finding a perfect relationship.

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