Necessary Life Skills to Have Before You Enter a Relationship

Necessary Life Skills to Have Before You Enter a Relationship

A relationship has perks, but knowing that a relationship can only be as stable and healthy as those who are in it, you need to make it your goal to be prepared before getting into your next relationship. Even if you feel you are a pretty healthy partner, there is always room for improvement. Since no one is perfect, we will all enter unhealthy relationships or do unhealthy things, so we need to focus on ourselves prior to getting together with someone. Read on to learn how to improve yourself prior to entering a relationship.

Enjoy Alone Time

In the beginning of a relationship, couples like to do everything together because it is so wonderful, but maintaining your independence is what will keep you happy in the long run. Take time to do the things you did before the relationship and enjoy them. Take a walk, have fun playing fetch with your dog in the park, and watch a movie on your own. This gives your partner time to do the same. This is the time when you both grow individually so you can later grow together. Cherish it as a time of self-care.

Limit Jealousy

After you have been part of a relationship where cheating occurred, it can be challenging not to jump to conclusions with a new partner. Jealousy is not just confined to love as it can apply to coworkers, friends, or siblings, but in extreme cases it leads to possessiveness, especially in a relationship. This is unhealthy. There is no need for comparison, just do you. Build up self-esteem by practicing positive affirmations and self-care over time.

Manage Finances

Not using money impulsively is always a great skill to have, but in the beginning of a relationship it can be easy to get carried away to impress your new beau. Make sure you watch your budget and plan dates within your spending ability. Some of the best dates are those that are free or next to nothing. Expensive does not necessarily mean thoughtful or vice versa.

Manage Stress

Stress is part of life, but knowing how to manage it in a healthy manner is important in relationships and all other aspects of life. Stress management can take on many forms, a walk, yoga, journaling, or anything that helps you unwind. When we are too stressed, we tend to take it out on those closest to us which can be tough on a relationship. Find stress management techniques that work for you.

Time Management

Procrastination and putting off responsibilities is a common problem which can get worse when dating someone new. Putting something off to spend extra time with your new significant other can come back to bite you in the butt. Create good management skills before getting into a relationship, so you do not miss deadlines and forego responsibilities when making time for fun. Though it is great to get lost in the new relationship, never lose track of the reality that is real life. Communicate with your significant other about what things need to be completed. A truly supportive partner will help you maintain this balance. Planners and lists can help keep even the most unorganized on schedule.

Make Passions a Priority

We all have passions in life and for most of us we are already in pursuit of them prior to a relationship. Whether you are already part of a project or find your passion after meeting someone new, make sure to stay involved while in the relationship. You should never give up on what you love for a relationship. While you may have to rearrange something because you must spend time with your significant other, find a healthy balance so you do not totally lose yourself. Your passion will last even if the relationship does not.

Be Self-Aware

Becoming self-aware is learning how your actions affect others and what areas you need to work on to improve. This is not a time to be overly critical, but to truly discover yourself. When you truly know yourself inside and out, you can build a better foundation with your partner. You can get to know your new partner and yourself even better when you are self-aware.

Unapologetically Yourself

Whether you like insane sci-fi movies, horrible beer, avoiding parties, or whatever, do what you love. Being yourself from the beginning will create a stronger relationship than pretending to be someone you are not. If they are not into who you are at your very core, there is not point in staying in the relationship.

Leave the Baggage Behind

You may be holding onto something that affects your ability to love and be loved. If so, leave it behind. Whatever baggage you are carrying need to be healed. This is not easy because healing is not linear and our past and present relationships and circumstances affect us. Be aware of your baggage and work with it instead of pretending it does not exist.

Improved Communication Skills

There is one more skill that benefits all aspects of our lives, communication. Relationships can be awkward at times and you have to have tough conversations. When you can communicate your needs, wants, and what is required then a relationship can be improved over time. A lack of communication creates a rift that is filled with miscommunications and turmoil. Learn to articulate clearly with one another and others in your life to create a strong foundation for all types of relationships.

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