When People Play Victim

When People Play Victim

Everyone plays a victim sometimes and many times we blame our family or friends when something happens.  But, playing the victim is terrible and it can make you feel even worse later.

People believe that those that play the victim push their family and friends away.

Here are some things that people need to do instead of playing victim:


It is important to be responsible for your own behavior.  Instead of blaming someone else, take responsibility for your actions and stop being the victim.

In all situations, you have a chance to grow and to get better and stronger.  You cannot do this if you are blaming others.  Learn to know what is going on and what is mature.


Victims are always at the mercy of everyone around them.  They cannot move on in their life because they have no power.  When you ask them why they are like they are, they give you a list of reasons that usually involve other people.

It is important that they change their mindset here and take steps towards reaching goals in their life.  They need to be accountable for what they do and don’t do.


The victim always likes to hold grudges and carry these grievances around like a weapon.  They want to blame someone for being accountable even in situations where they are wrong.

Sometimes, they really are hurt but they always need to let these hurts go so that the grudges do not get them down.  The victim needs to know that by freeing others of the grudges actually frees themselves.


Victims do not feel that they have any control and so they have a hard time getting what they need in their life.  Sometimes they are too submissive, and they have these patterns over and over again.  This can cause depression and other emotional problems.

People like this need to get help from a counselor or a professional so they can turn their life around.  They need to become more assertive and stop feeling like they are powerless.


The victim needs to know that they are not powerless.  They will manipulate and treat others badly because they feel that they have no power or control.

A victim is usually suspicious of people and are often times insecure.  They will gossip about others.

Stay away from sharing gossip with these people and stop letting them be manipulative.  Let them know that you will listen but not talk about other people.


Victims have a problem trusting other people.  They are not usually even trustworthy themselves and they think everyone is like them.

Look at the evidence and figure out why you are not trustworthy and why people do not want to be around you.  Get help from someone else.

Saying Enough

Victims do not know when to say they have had enough.

They need to create boundaries that allow them to only go so far and as far as they want.


A victim will usually be ready to argue every time something is talked about.  They always feel they are being attacked.

The victim needs to know that people have different opinions and thoughts, and this is normal.  It could be that they do not know that they have a choice and that others do too.

Feeling Sorry

Many victims will have pity parties and will feel sorry for themselves.  They will not get sympathy from others so they will give it to themselves.

It is important to recognize that everyone has bad days and bad things happen to them.  They need to know they are not the only ones.


Victims always are comparing themselves to someone else and how they are treated.

The victim has to change their view of themselves and others.  They have to find good qualities in themselves and in other people.


Victims often times feel that they have nothing in their life.  They complain about everything and it is a cycle that never stops.

They need to count their blessings and be happy with the good things that they have.  They need to learn to be thankful and full of love.


Sometimes a victim will put others down so that they feel better about themselves.  They will do this so that they feel powerful.

It is important for them to know that they need to not put others down to build themselves up.  This will negatively impact how people feel about them.


Some victims think that they are perfect and that hey don’t do anything wrong.  They will not understand why people do not like to be around them.

The victim needs to remove the perfection from their vocabulary and know that no one is perfect because they are human.  Others will like them more if they don’t act like they are perfect at everything.

Put People Out

A victim will cut people out of their lives.  This is actions that cause them to have bad behaviors and relationships that always fail.

It is a time where the victim will be emotional and will make the relationship hard to have.

The victim needs to realize that this is a pattern and they need to know that by cutting people off that they are missing out on having good people around them.

The victim will end up having painful things happen in their life and they will not have good relationships if they do not stop their behavior.

There are other options and they need to look at these before they end their relationships or before they keep playing the victim.

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