Ways He Tells You He Loves You Without Words

Ways He Tells You He Loves You Without Words

Even though we want to hear those three words, when someone says it too fast, it can be overwhelming.  Even though women are sensitive and overthink, men are more nervous and weirder when it comes to showing them love.  They will look at all moves they make before they let the words come out of their mouth.

They want you around and make sure that you are given attention, but it can be confusing for you at times.  We all need to know if we are loved or not.  We have to learn to meet things at both ends and saying the words “I love you,” aren’t the only ways that he can show you that he loves you.

Forgets Time When You Kiss

Intimacy can make you feel loved, especially long kisses and hugs.  He will forget time and lose track of what he is doing when he is kissing you because you are all he thinks about.


This might sound crazy, but he will not be able to keep his hands off of you and will want to have sex with you and be connected to you in all ways.


He will always listen to you and want to know what you think and have to say.  You are one of the people that he listens to and vents to you when he needs to.

Holding Hands

He will want to hold hands with you and show you off.


He understands you and thinks you are great.  He values you and believes in you.  He will not give up on you and will stick around even when storms roll in.

Plays with You

Men like to touch you and he will want to touch your hair and play with it.  He will be comfortable enough with you that he will show his love without saying it.


A gift is just a gift to some, but he will spend a lot of time trying to pick out the perfect gift for you.  He will want to find the perfect thing that will be meaningful and significant for you.  Even if it is a ring or a pen that he thinks looks like you, he will show he cares by what he has picked for you.


He will want to be touching you in public and holding hands.  He is proud of you and will show you off wherever he goes.


He will always love to laugh with you and have fun.  He will put his guard down and show you how he loves you by his smile and his laugh.


He will take small steps to match your steps and he will show you off to his friends.  He will match your behavior and be like you because he is crazy about you and loves you.

Eye Contact

He will want to look in your eyes so he can read your heart and your mind.  He isn’t afraid to look you in the eyes and he will do this while he is talking to you.  He has nothing to hide and he wants to be real in front of you.

Calls and Texts

He will check up on you all day and he will do this not because he doesn’t trust you but because he misses you and loves you.  You are always on his mind.


He will stand straight when he is close to you and hopes you will lean on him.


He will always smile after he kisses you to show you, he loves you.

His Friends

He will speak about you all the time and show you off in front of his friends.  He will be genuine around you and show how he feels about you.

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