Handling Being in Love with Someone You Cannot Have

Handling Being in Love with Someone You Cannot Have

Being in love is emotional, effecting both mental and physical well-being. This can be even more extreme when you are in love with someone who is unattainable. In fact, it can be or seem unrelentingly gut-wrenching at times. You may feel like since the person is unavailable that you have no hope ever again, there are ways to deal and move on so that you are not left miserable.

Working Through Feelings

When you fall in love with someone you cannot have for whatever reason, it is easy to try to bury the feelings deep down so you do not have to deal with the pain, but working through the hopelessness and pain is the first important step. Whether the person was never available, moved away, is with someone else, or you broke up, acknowledge and deal with your feelings. This is crucial to moving on and finding something new and better.

Self-Focus and Care

Self-care is important to your well-being. Rather than sitting around pining for something that is unavailable, focus on yourself and the love you deserve. Practice self-care and self-love with a bit of pampering. Focus your energy on self-improvement in your life as apriority. This is a major step to moving on. Find something fun or try something you have always wanted to do. Join a gym, take a class, start a new hobby, whatever it is, make it about you.

Friends and Family

As you start to pamper yourself, call on friends and family to join you. Do not hide away and become a hermit. Instead, grab a few close friends of a family member and make some new memories together. These are people that care deeply about you and how you are doing. They can offer guidance, love, and support as you reset and start to move forward. They can also help put your situation into perspective. Use this resource and insight to get back on the right track.

Give Yourself a Break

When you are in love with someone that is not available, it can be easy to get mad at yourself for not being able to simply get over it. Healing takes time. So, rather than beating yourself up, be proud of taking a chance. While you can still have feelings for the person, you have to make peace with the situation and start facing reality. It may take time, but take the time you need to heal and then get on with life.

Never Give Up on Love

Losing a love or realizing you can never have a certain person is tough, but it is no reason to totally give up on love. If you are so overcome with love for someone that is unavailable, imagine how much love you can feel or someone who is available. Don’t give up and think love is not in the cards. Instead, look forward to what can be instead of what cannot happen. Get excited about the person who will capture your heart in the future. You can and will love again.

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