Being in an Unhealthy Rebound Relationship

Being in an Unhealthy Rebound Relationship

When a romantic relationship ends, it can be hard, especially if you have walked for a long time with your partner.  This can bring about bouts of fear, anger, rejection, grief and the idea that rebounding might be a good idea.

Some research believes that after you breakup, that there are feelings that have to be resolved.  While some rebound relationships can end up becoming more, sometimes they are harmful to both the rebounder and the new person.

There are negative things that can cause a rebound to be unhealthy including:

  • Starting a relationship because you are weak.
  • Being dependent on each other too soon.
  • Being manipulated
  • Being vulnerable.
  • Wanting to manipulate others.
  • Having a risk of narcissism.
  • Being afraid of rejection.
  • Having a problem with trust.
  • Deeper relationship issues.

These are signs that can make a rebound relationship unhealthy and even though this can be per individual, it is important to focus on the rebounding person and to understanding the characteristics of things.

Not A Serious Idea

A one-night stand is something that happens when you are dating someone new and you just want to have a now moment.  Even though these can be considered short term relationships, they increase the emotions when someone is rebounding and is emotionally vulnerable.


A rebound person often wants to have a new partner that will want to date them or give them attention.  Having someone that treats them special can make them feel better about themselves after a breakup.  At the same time, you have to understand that just because the attention feels good that you have to be sincere if you are waiting to have a real relationship.

With all relationships, there is nothing wrong or right about it, it is just about being aware of things.

Calling When Lonely

One sign that you are in a rebounding relationship is when someone calls you when they are sad or lonely.  They might neglect you the other times and this is because it gives an emotional convenience, and this is associated with a need over a want.


If you are hurting, you want to hurt others.  You might have a partner so that you can show them off so that your ex-partner will see.  You will take them to functions that they attend or put them of social media so that your ex can see it.  This causes there to be no boundaries between the new and old relationship and can cause emotional baggage to follow.


You have to be careful about having expectations because no one is going to treat you like someone else did.  If you want a partner because you want them to treat you like your ex did, then you will have to think this over.  There is not going to be someone that will treat you just like your ex did and you have to get rid of your former relationship so you can move on.

A rebounding partner might want to try to prove themselves and will do this by connecting with someone that is like their ex was.

Thinking About Your Ex

One problem with rebounding is that you have an emotional attachment to your ex, even if you want to or not.  A rebounding person might think of their ex while they are with their new partner and this is unhealthy and unfair.

Leaving Them Out

One problem seen with rebounding’s is that the rebounder will often leave the new partner out of things such as family gatherings or get togethers with their friends.  They won’t want the inner circle to see them and they will see the relationship as a one-sided thing.

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