Signs He is Serious

Signs He is Serious

When you have been dating a guy for a while and then you begin to wonder if he is serious, chances are that you are not certain about what he is feeling and you are becoming confused.

You might begin to overthink things and he may never be able to understand why you are questioning things and acting why you are acting.

When you become relaxed with a guy that you are dating, chances are he will become distance and then you try to figure out what the problem is about. If a guy likes you though, he will show you with his actions how he feels.

This guy might just be indecisive, and he might not really know what he wants. This can make you feel that he is not serious about you.

When a guy is serious with you, he will make sure that he is showing you and if you pay attention, you will be able to see this for your own self.

Figure out how to save yourself trouble by paying attention to the signs and see if he is wanting to be with you or not.


When a guy is serious, he will put you first. He will have time for you no matter what and you will always be on the top of his list. He will not make excuses about seeing you and when he is serious, he will spend time with you no matter what.

Deep Level

A guy that is interested will ask you serious questions. He will be curious about you and he will figure out everything that is going in your life.

He wants to know what you like, and he wants to see your fears and what you love. He will be interested in what shows you like and all the things that he can find out about you.

Listens to You

When a guy likes you, he will want to know your opinion. He will think about you and he will respect you. One of the best ways he can show this is by listening to you. He will pay attention and show you he is interested in you.

Trusting You

Trust is one of the biggest things in a relationship. If he trusts you then it is easy to be honest and open with him. He will be able to open up to you as well and tell you all of his darkest secrets.

He will learn to trust you with everything that he has, even sensitive things in his life.

Spending Time Together

When a guy likes you, he will want to spend more and more time with you. He will show you that he is interested by wanting to be with you each and every second. He will also want to talk about the future.


A guy that likes you will pay attention to details in your life. They will remember little things about you.  He will go out of his way to know things like your favorite movie or your favorite coffee.

He will want to pay attention to each thing you do because he wants to know more and more about you.


Nothing is more important than keeping a promise and when a guy likes you, he will not make excuses for things he doesn’t do. He will make sure he is always there when he says he will be, and he will say something and stick to it.

He will make you promises, and he will keep them.


Guys that are serious will prove it by their actions. He will say kind things to you, give you nice things, make an effort to heal you when you are sad. He will even go out of his way to try to show his love for you.

Excited About You

Going out with his friends will not keep him from thinking and talking about you. He will want to talk about you when he is with his friends and he will hate it when he is not with you.  You won’t even know that he feels this way.


A guy that is interested in you will make plans and find new ways that he can have fun with you. He will make sure you are never worried and he will show you that he likes you.

He will do things no matter how busy his life is.


A guy that is interested in you will know your hobbies and your interests. He will do things with you that you like to do, even if it isn’t his favorite. He will always keep you in the know and will not keep things from you.

He will always want you to join him no matter what he is doing.


You will know his friends and family and he will know yours. This is a huge sign that he is serious with you and he doesn’t want to keep things from you.

His intentions are that he is serious, and he will want the people close to you that are close to him.


When a guy likes you, he will be open to you and he will treat you like a lady. He will open doors to you, and he will apologize when he does things wrong.

He will respect you and he will never expect you to rush into things. He will have you do things that you are uncomfortable with and he will respect you no matter what is going on.

He treats you like you are a lady and he wants you to feel safe with him.

On Time

When someone respects you, they will be on time to things. They will not have you held up and they will always be there on time or they will apologize if they are late.


A guy that likes you will want to make contact with you. He will text you and call you and he will miss you when he does not see you.

You will not have to worry that he will lie to you and he will always send texts when you wake up and before you go to bed just to check on you.


When you are together, he will sparkle and want to show you off. He will laugh and have fun with you, and you will feel relaxed and happy when you are together.

You will feel that you are meant to be together and he will be serious with you. When he is around you, he wants you to have fun and enjoy time with him.

He is interested in getting to know you and not just having sex.


Talking about the future is not always easy and when a guy is in love with you, he will change the way he talks to include you in his future.

He will talk about paying things off so that you can get a house together or planning vacations together.


He will share his dreams and his visions with you, and he will share every detail with you. If someone makes him mad, he will not tell you to leave him alone, but he will accept your opinion on what is happening. He will love you and be active in your life.


Instead of fighting, he will try to smooth things over when there is a fight. He will show you he cares, and he will show you that he is serious.

He will never make you feel that you are unworthy, and he will stay happy and not be angry when you ask him questions.

Open Relationship

When you meet his friends, he will always introduce you as his girlfriend. He will be proud of you and he will want to show everyone that you are his.

He will hold your hand and show you how interested he is in you. He will not make you jealous because he will let everyone know that you are together.


If your boyfriend shows you these signs, you will see that you do not have to ask him if he is serious with you, but you will be able to tell by his actions.

If he is showing you these feelings, you will know that he is in it for keeps.

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