Rebound Relationships

Rebound Relationships

A rebound relationship is a relationship that has brought pain and brings about feelings of worthlessness.  These relationships happen because people are seeking comfort from a past relationship and this can happen because they start dating prematurely.

Rebound relationships generally do not last and are not stable.  Can you get over one relationship by being in another one?


When a rebound relationship happens, this is a relationship that comes after a breakup with another person.  Instead of staying single, people will rush into other relationship so not to feel lonely.  Most rebound relationships don’t last and will fail within the first couple of months.

Rebound relationships are just used to distract you from facing your emotions from your past relationship.  The rebound boyfriend might be there to help you feel better for a moment but when you are in a rebound, chances are you are sad and upset from the other breakup.  Emotional stability is questionable and knowing if you are able to commit to your new guy can be a hard question to ask.

If you are a rebounder, you will show stress and questions in your new relationship.  When you are a rebounder, you will know that you are using the new guy as a substitution and more than likely you will not connect with him like you should.

Even if the sex is exciting at first, this type of relationship will not have genuine emotions and will not last.

Signs of Being a Rebound Girl

When you are with someone else and they seem bitter about their past relationships, chances are you are a rebound in the relationship.  He needs to figure out what he wants and what he is really looking for.

Hooking Up

If you find that your relationship is mostly about sex, chances are he is trying to get his ex off his mind.  He wants to hook up now and then and not make a real commitment.


When a guy does not want to commit to you, this is a big sign that he is on the rebound.  A guy that is on the rebound will get into different relationships fast and will not attract to you emotionally.  He needs to get over his last relationship before moving on.

Getting Physical

Sex is important to every relationship but there has to be a balance between sex and emotions.  When you feel that a guy just wants to be physical with you, you need to question his idea of what the relationship is.  If you are looking for a long-term relationship, do not be used in a casual relationship.

Rebound Relationship Success

Rebound relationships do not work out because a person needs a chance to heal before he or she moves on to another relationship.  There is a matter of love that is hand and if you find that you are in a rebound relationship, find out if that is really what you want in your life.

If you are rebounding, chances are you are wanting to make your ex jealous and you are afraid of being alone.  Starting another relationship right after the other is a mistake and has a very low success rate.

Daring someone that has just ended another relationship can cause you to have heartbreak and can cause you to be hurt.  Girls want to be with a guy that they can share their emotions with and not just having sex with.  A man wants a woman that is tender and can listen, but a rebound relationship might just be feeling a void.

If you are in this type of relationship, you will more than likely have your feelings hurt or you will hurt their feelings.  This is an unstable relationship and it will not work out.  IF he is looking to make his ex jealous, you are going to have feelings in the relationship that will end and cause you to be upset.  If he does fall in love, will you be happy?


When people go into a rebound relationship, chances are they do this because they are angry at their ex.  They have a lot of negative emotions and they want to get rid of these feelings.  A new relationship will be a competition for the new person because he or she will always be competing against the ex.  This is why it will not last long because rebound emotions are still there.

Your new partner has to learn to move on from his or her past relationship and get rid of their anger and negative emotions before trying to have another relationship.


A woman needs to get over her past relationship before she moves on.  Trying to make a place for a new person is hard and will cause instability.  No matter what people think, hooking up is not the answer and will only get rid of the pain of the other relationship for a short while.  The problem is that this will cause other emotions to get mixed into the relationship and will end up hurting multiple people.

Being Vulnerable

When a relationship ends, even if you are the strongest person you know, your heart will become vulnerable.  You have to be careful with who you find to console you after your relationship ends and make sure that you are not going to let someone take advantage of your heart.

You might meet someone and think you found someone to save you, but chances are that you will be with a player that will leave you even more brokenhearted.

You will allow this person to play with your emotions and they will hurt you unfairly because they are not healed.  Your feelings will be real, but what about your rebounder?  If you find out that you are used by a rebounder, this can cause you to have more pain and low self-esteem for yourself.  Prepare yourself mentally for this type of relationship and know it won’t last long.

A Thought

A thought will not work and even though rebounding sounds like an adventure, it is best to avoid anyone that seems too exciting and has a fast past.  A rebound relationship can be more harmful than it can be good and even if you are missing sex, being in a sexual relationship can make you feel worse about yourself.

A rebound boyfriend can cause you to have more stress later and can make you feel worse than you did when you broke up with your ex.  This is going to lead to less enjoyment in your life.

Relationship Failure

Most people have spent a lot of their life working on their relationship and so when they have a breakup, they are not themselves.  These people need time to relax and see where they are in life.  They need to reflect on their past relationship and see what they need to change to be better.

These emotions can be strong, and you need to know that you are not yourself immediately and rushing into a relationship can be dangerous and an emotional problem for you.  You will more than likely realize you are not compatible with a rebound relationship and you will see it fail.


You have to know that you deserve a lot and so do other people, so you need to make sure you aren’t out to use people or to hurt them.  You need to find real love before you make another move.

You need to be supportive in your love life and make sure you are meeting your dreams and their dreams.  Finding a man that wants to be with you for your goals, aspirations and for love is important.  You need to know that you are accepting someone because you like them and can see yourself with them and not just for rebound purposes.

Justifying a Rebound Relationship

When young people look to rebound, chances are that they will recover faster if they are not alone.  Having a new boyfriend can get you over your ex-boyfriend faster and this can allow you to attract more people in the future.

When a relationship fails, it causes you to have a period of time where you are sad, and you wonder if you deserved that treatment or if you deserved better.  A casual rebound can help you heal faster of a broken heart and will allow you not to have to deal with the breakup alone.  Even though there are negatives to a rebound relationship, these are positive things about it.


If you are still hooked on the person that broke your heart, you need to work on getting him off your mind.  You need to stop checking up on him on social media and you might just need to do a rebound relationship.  Try finding someone else to hook up with so that you can get over this attachment.

You have to remember though, you don’t have to go straight to bed with the new person but you can learn to have new people to hang out with that can help you settle and get over your heartbreak.

When You Don’t Need a Long Relationship

A rebound relationship can be short lived and most of them do not have long-term potential.  A short-term relationship can help you to have the emotional support that you need after being dumped and can help to benefit you in that way.  If you just need another person to hold you and touch you, a rebound relationship can give you that.  It might not ever be a long-term situation, but it could be the second-best choice for you.

Staying Away from Your Ex

When you decided to break up with your ex, this was to make you a better person.  Getting back with him after a few weeks means that you have not really solved the situation or moved on.  You will pretend that the relationship is better, but it will keep being as painful as the first time when you break up again and again.  Get a rebound boyfriend to keep your mind off of your ex.


If you feel that you are lacking confidence because you were recently dumped, chances are your confidence is based on other people.  You can bring your confidence up by getting into a rebound relationship.  A new guy will help you feel like you are amazing again.

Make it Last

If you want a rebound relationship to last, you have to spend more time with them and know that they might not be ready for something serious.  You can increase your expectations by working to make the relationship stronger.

Find someone that finds you attractive and let them learn to know who you are and get to know your personality.


If you decide to hook up with someone and then you want to start hanging out, you can commit to some things such as fun, hanging out and respect.  You don’t have to push your rebound into things like sex right away and you can see what kind of people they like to be around.

Give it time to see where the relationship is going to go and see if things are going to be serious or not.  If you sleep with them and they still want things to be casual, know that it will only be a rebound and it will never be serious.  If you want to see how committed they are to you, stop offering to have sex with him or her and see where the relationship goes.


If you still are stuck on your ex, you will never be able to have a serious relationship.  You have to cut off the communication and ties with your ex and give your rebound relationship a reason to come to you.  Even if you can’t forget them, move on from them and focus on something new.


When you want to start a new relationship, this can be exciting and confusing at the same time.  Saying goodbye to your ex is hard but you can find someone else that will be crazy about you.  When you find this relationship, work on it and see that you are a great catch and let men go crazy for you.

If you meet a new person and they are not serious then either end it or just have fun with them.  He has to heal before he can move on with anyone.  Don’t be mad when things don’t work out because he is probably in the same situation that you are.

A rebound relationship most likely will not last, but you can always consider these options when you are single until the right person comes along.  If you really want to make it work, be patient and don’t expect too much from your new partner.

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