What Women Do to Make Men Fall in Love: A Man’s Perspective

What Women Do to Make Men Fall in Love: A Man’s Perspective

Though men may not always act it, they can be just as romantically minded as women when it comes to love. They too overthink and look for a soulmate. Still, it can be difficult for women to understand how men think and work. Men are interested in long-term commitments and do fall in love, though women may wonder what makes them do so. Contrary to popular belief, it is not ALL about sex, though that helps. Many men really do want to form deep lasting bonds based in true love. For women, we see green flags as the signs that a guy is one, we could fall for, but it is shocking for many to find that men have them as well.

Below are responses from men about what green flags they see:

  • Asking questions to further get to know them. Though this is common courtesy, it is often overlooked.
  • Call him out on any BS and admit to personal mistakes. A woman who can laugh at herself and is straight forward about things while still giving him space is a green flag.
  • A woman willing to introduce him to her family, even in its craziness is a positive. Liking the family is important.
  • Focusing on the small often overlooked things is important as a green flag. Being understanding of an odd sleep schedule or work obligations is a plus.
  • Someone who is great company for a few minutes or a few weeks is a green flag.
  • How a woman treats others is important. A green flag is when she treats people well.
  • A woman who can compromise over certain things that do not compromise values is a green flag.
  • Men like a woman who lets him be himself, warts, and all. No one is perfect so a woman who is accepting is always a plus.
  • A woman who knows how to stand up for herself and handle arguments maturely, not to be weaponized later, is a green flag.
  • A woman willing to take initiative to touch her man, even just a shoulder rub, without being asked is a plus.
  • A woman willing to be adventurous and try new things is fun, entertaining, and makes life better. This goes both ways though; the man needs to be adventurous as well.
  • A woman who knows what she wants and stands firm is important. She won’t play games, but is also understanding of your needs as well.
  • Strong, independent, confident women who know their worth are green flags. These type s of women will not end up with dependency issues that turn out being problematic.
  • A woman who can make her man laugh and be silly is a green flag.
  • A woman who is willing to own up to her mistakes, apologizes, and makes necessary changes is a great sign for a future long-term partner.
  • A woman who is kind in small ways makes a huge difference for a guy.
  • A woman who can be mostly drama free and does not cause extra stress is a green flag. This allows both people to be themselves.
  • A woman who is not afraid to eat a real meal in front of a man is a green flag.
  • A woman who stands up for her man to others is a green flag for love.
  • A woman who is comfortable doing nothing together, just sharing space on occasion is a green flag.
  • A woman who occasionally initiates intimacy is a green flag.
  • A woman who helps make life easier, even in small ways, is a green flag and makes a man want to return the favor.

So, there you go ladies, just a few reasons men become and stay interested. While we may not check all the boxes for everyone, it is worth an effort for love.

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