How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

One of the scariest things in a relationship is going on a first date. The first date can be both exciting and scary at the same time. If you are going out with someone you like, chances are you will go out of your way to impress her so that she will want to keep going on a date with you.

If you aren’t sure what you should do to impress a girl then here are some things you can do to make a good impression on the first date:

Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is not dead and when you open the door for a girl or bring her a small gift on the first date, you are being a gentleman. On your date, always be kind and respect her. Being kind and a gentlemen will get you far.

Being nice is a good thing and it deserves a second date. If you are on a date and you see something pretty about the girl you are out with, say it nicely such as, “What a nice smile you have.” She will appreciate that you are a gentleman and that you are noticing her.

Being a gentleman is something you can practice at. Be gentle and be kind.


Always make contact when you are with someone. Making eye contact shows that you are interested with who you are talking to.

On your first date, make sure you make eye contact with your girl because this can show love and kindness. Make sure that you are not showing lust and that you are focusing your eyes on your girl in a gentleman like way.

Do not take glances at other women if you are interested in the girl that you are with because this will cause her to reject you and you will not get a second date.


On your first date you are testing the waters and you need to know what to say. Ask questions and see if you and she are compatible. Having a first date can be fun but it can also be stressful but if you can keep things fun and ask questions it will help you not be nervous.

Write down your questions ahead of time and practice them and ask things that are fun such as her favorite animal or her dream vacation. She will have questions for you too and if you talk a lot and let her talk you can make the date feel exciting and entertaining.

Be Positive

Going on a first date will be great if you are positive. If you go in with a negative attitude, chances are that you will not be called for a second date. You can be the most attractive person ever but if you are not able to be positive on your date then your girl will not appreciate you.

Have a strong attitude that is fun and kind.

Be You

Be who you are and do not compromise this. If you are witty, be cute and witty, and if you like to laugh, tell jokes, and laugh. Be honest with who you are and let your real self-show.

You have to be on good behavior and do not always express your different opinions strongly because differences can be exciting. Be respectful in what you say but keep the night going strong.


Women are often attracted to men that are confident and can make good decisions. If you want to be confident on your date, chances are you will have a second date.

You can find fun things to do and you can be in charge of the night. Keep the night fun and decide where you are going to go and what you will do.

If your girl has an idea or wants to do something different, let her make that choice and be humble but if she is not acting like she is bored or having a bad time, keep pushing your charm and make decisions confidently.

Don’t be nervous about being confident. If you have to, fake confidence and be open to what is going on in the date. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Do not be upset with yourself if something small goes wrong. Just apologize and move forward.


Learn to respect your date. Your date should have boundaries and there will be thoughts and opinions. Some of these things might be different than yours but that is okay. Always be respectful and if you have an opinion, you can state that but also listen to what she has to say about it.


You might think that women do not want you to pay for the date anymore because of the feminist movement, but that’s not true. Always pay for the first date out of respect for your date. The woman might object but you need to demand to pay. This is something that gentleman do, and you should do it as well. Remember that you are paying for the date and you have no other expectations but to enjoy the date.

Paying the bill shows that you are being supportive because in ancient times, the men made all for the money. This became a normal action, and this shows that you want to take care of your date.


First dates can be hard and scary, but they are also exciting and fun. Even if you are very nervous before you go on the date, use the tips above to be who you are and to have fun.

The point of the date is to have fun so that you can get to know her. Take deep breathes and relax. Let your humor and your fun shine and you will have no trouble in the dating world.

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