12 Ways Men Show They Are Interested in You

12 Ways Men Show They Are Interested in You

Guys can be hard to read, so it is a bit of a challenge to figure out if they are interested, are merely curious, or just have a nice personality toward everyone.

Mistaking their intentions could be embarrassing and can make for an awkward situation. There was a young woman who felt a man in her church singles’ group was highly interested in her. She didn’t pursue him at all but felt like she was actively pursuing her. They even had “a moment” that seemed to convince her.

Yet, he went out with others and it was confusing to her so she finally approached him about it. He apologized and told her he was never interested in her but was just trying to include her in activities.

Embarrassed, she couldn’t understand how she misread his subtle messages because she wasn’t interested in him until she felt he was pursuing her. She talked to one a mutual friend, who said he was interested at first but somehow changed his mind along the way.

That can happen. So how do you know?

Here are 12 ways men let their feelings show about women they want in their lives:

  1. Everything is natural. You aren’t nervous and both feel comfortable around each other. You seem to have a good time just being yourselves.
  2. He asks you to hang out. He calls you and asks you what your plans are and if you want to hang out or even do something over the weekend. He has a plan for activities in mind and wants to know if you’re interested. In short, he is asking you for a date even if it’s casual.
  3. He texts you. He makes the first move in contact. Maybe it’s just to know how your day is going or maybe it’s to know what you’re doing later. The point is he is contacting you! This is a sure sign he is interested.
  4. He calls you. This is even more significant than texting because it takes a little more effort and social skills. If he calls you for any reason, he is looking to talk to you. Depending on your age, he may have a “reason” to call you such as a question about a college class assignment or maybe some additional information about a project at work. You will need to figure out if the call is truly related to the needed information or if that is his excuse to talk to you. How you know is whether the question can wait until the next day. If it is a question that can wait, it was just a ruse. Another way to tell if he was just looking to talk to you is if he doesn’t end the conversation after you answer the question but continues to talk to you about other things. He is trying to get to know you in a non-threatening way.
  5. He wants to get to know you. This means this guy is asking questions. It may start as what kind of foods do you like or where you may like to travel, but it will get deeper as time goes on to questions like religion, politics, and family.
  6. He wants to know how you feel about relationships. All of the questions he asks eventually will lead to this one. He wants to know if you are looking for a relationship. It may be phrased differently but that is the ultimate question. He may ask something like what you are looking for if you ever see yourself in a serious relationship, or how you see marriage.
  7. He introduces you to his friends and family. This is huge. A guy will not let you meet his friends unless he sees you in his future. He wants their opinion and is looking to see if you fit in with his group. Meeting the family is even bigger because these are the people he loves the most and who he trusts for opinions. While the meeting could even be a casual one where they happen to visit while you two are hanging out, it is still a big deal. Remember, such change meetings are usually not by chance.
  8. There are no booty-call texts or calls. This is important because it means he respects you. There is a saying that there are girls men date and girls men marry. Men who see you as a long-term commitment will not see you as a booty call. They take their time because they want to get it right.
  9. He remembers your favorites. Men who remember little things about you are interested in you. He may automatically order your favorite ice cream for you or maybe show up with your favorite flower. Maybe he rents your favorite movie for movie night or sends you a sweet text because remembered a day that is hard for you. These little things add up to a lot of love
  10. He listens. This isn’t the typical grunts men give when they are channel surfing to find their favorite football game. This is where he looks at you and is intent on your words.
  11. He tells you personal things. This is a telltale sign this guy is into you. Guys typically don’t open up their feeling much, so if he shares things with you that are highly personal it means he trusts you and wants a more intimate relationship with you.
  12. He says he does. This is an obvious clue, but sometimes a guy’s words don’t always match their actions. Some guys are players. Look to see if what he is saying is consistent with how he is behaving.

One thing that will help you determine where this relationship is going is to take an emotional step back. Sometimes, we get so involved in our drama we can’t see the truth. Taking a step back will help you see things objectively.

Also, listen to your gut. Chances are your intuition is telling you the correct information.

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