Amazing things about on and off relationships

Amazing things about on and off relationships

On and off relationships do not have a good reputation. Most psychologists usually refer to this as “cycling” and they say a relationship that cycles during dating days is also likely to cycle once you get married. Below are amazing things about on and off relationships.

  1. You are not starting at the beginning.

This is better than starting a new relationship altogether. You still feel good and better just like you might feel when starting a new relationship. Also, the awkwardness is gone and you are beginning a new journey together.

  1. You have seen each other’s worst moments and survived.

Nobody love breakups. You always have bad thoughts about your ex after a break-up. Because let’s be true, someone’s going to be rude and start saying harsh things to the other. In any case, you and your partner are willing to get back together after a breakup, it means you can overcome all misunderstandings and fights.

  1. You are there for each other.

You’ll have a lot of explaining to do once you’ve taken back someone who has hurt you before.  There’s a lot of care and protection that comes from family and friends. However, when they are inquiring something from you, you might feel like they are attacking you. Trying again is an indication that you are in a position to defend your partner and align yourself closely with them.

  1. You are true.

You have seen relationships end because of practicalities so you are not taking any chances.  it’s very important to make decisions and to be on the same page. Love cannot fix everything, you have to be committed and work together.

  1. You did not destroy your chance at a relationship when situations were hard.

At times it will not be easy to make a relationship work. If you are in different places whether physically, the relationship will experience a lot of ups and downs.

  1. Having tough conversations is easy.

Not all relationships carry heartbreaks from the similar relationship with it. I think this makes you prepared to tackle hard conversations while many individuals might think that’s a heavy burden. You have been hurt before, therefore, you are not willing to ignore any signs.

  1. When you are loyal. You are truly loyal.

You both are aware of the fact that you can’t mess with each other’s feeling because you have been through a lot. When you get back together again, you mean it. You both know how essential loyalty is, therefore, you try to reduce doubts and increase security.

  1. There’s a reason you got back together.

Several people I dated hurt me, I knew I would never date again. And after every breakup with my fiancée, I used to become upset because I knew he was the one for me. We kept getting back together because we knew our relationship was very special. That’s something you shouldn’t give up on.

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