Starting a Relationship

Starting a relationship may be one of the most memorable things you can do for yourself in life.  Whether it is a positive or negative experience is all about how you perceive it.  Couples start out in the beginning with a certain flutter in their hearts about the other person.

It may be that twinkle in the eye or he or she may take your breath away.  Either way, you want to get to know this person better, and in doing so you feel like you did not miss out on life.

In the beginning of any new relationship, the idea of getting to know each other, (which is a great experience by the way), has a certain moonlighting effect which remains for a while. This is good. This is the highest point in any new relationship and it  feels the best.  So don’t ever take this aspect of the relationship for granted because out of my experience, it will never come back.

This is the best time where you will have the most wonderful experiences together because you two are young and fresh into it.  Nothing can compare to the most wonderful moments in the start of any new relationship.  Just ask anybody and they will tell you the same each and every time.

That is why I say that when you get the fullest pleasure to experience it, embrace it and keep it in your head.  Weather it may be holding hands, walking along the beach, or simply whispering into your partners ear for the first time the words, “I love you!”

The beginning of the relationship is where you will feel the most attention, affection and desire that you have for each other.  That is why it is the most precious thing to understand when you first start a brand new relationship.  The feeling just feels so damn good.

In my experiences and in hearing the accounts of others as well, I have noticed a slight drop or decrease in the amount of attention and affection that is primarily given in the beginning of a magical union.  Why is this the case?  Why do people suddenly let go or deteriorate the feelings of love even after the course of a few months to a year?  There are a number of things that could indicate a change in a relational pattern.

Most often than not, life itself is the cause.  In life, there are many changes that take place that can come into the mind of a couple or person.  What we see on the television set, what we read in books, and who we meet may cause us to reconsider how important our relationship truly is and if it indeed is worth it to continue it or pursue other endeavors of interest.

The only way to know for sure is to jump right in to a relationship without any regrets and wish for the best.  I mean, how are we ever going to know if we don’t try and find out for ourselves to see how it will all eventually turn out?  But if you never take action and see how a relationship could truly be so memorable, whether the feelings are positive or negative,  you will never know how in fact it will turn out. So, don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

Don’t be one of those people that look at other couples, complaining to yourself why you are not with someone.  Or even decide to wait for a partner to enter into your life if you don’t ever decide to step one foot out the front door.  There is no doubt that in life, action can be one of your best friends.  But if you don’t take action in trying to meet new people, you will never know the sweet bliss of entering into a union that is both satisfying, as well as memorable.

Intimacy and the touch of another person is healthy for people.  The acts of affection and the subtle effects of caressing boosts the immune systems and carries along with it unforgettable thoughts of one another.  The feeling alone can be priceless!

I use the word memorable a lot because that is what relationships are when they are over or when they have evolved into something very incredible.  Yes, relationships are like flowers that grow in the sun, and in order to make it grow and bloom into marriage, it must be protected form the waves of life that can either destroy or strengthen a newly formed bond.  The choice is yours and weather or not you ever choose the path of forming a union with someone or not will be ultimately up to you.

Always go in a with a positive note that there is something to learn and teach in a relationship.  Two people can actually teach each other a lot of things when a love is formed.  This can actually help a person and the couple to evolve in ways that makes life as perfect as can be.

So go for it, love what you are getting into and impress the hell out of them in the beginning so that they will always remember the good times that you have shared with each other.  When the imprint of a memorable start of a relationship is set in, it will be hard for anyone to forget it.

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