Long Distance Relationships

They say that long distance romances create great relationships and I would have to definitely agree with this.

But how do you keep a long distance relationship going without losing it?

I have had my share of long distance relationships and all I can say that they have been truly wonderful.

Although sometimes it may be hard to keep one going for so long so you wonder how you can pull it off without losing the one you love.

In a long distance relationship you mind can create many wonderful ideas and feelings about your partner.  Almost like that of a fantasy world.  But what if it all went away one day because you couldn’t hold on to it.

While in the end it leaves you with so much despair and distress because the feeling that you once had with this person over the phone is now gone. This sure does make you want your lover more.

When you’re in love life is truly wonderful to experience
But what about when the one that you love is far and away?

Doesn’t your heart long for your lover’s touch, feeling, or that special look that make your heart really pound hard?

  •  Do you ever sit around wishing your lover were there with you, when they really can’t be?
  •  Have you ever worried about whether your partner is faithful when they are away from you?
  •  Is the time apart spent being unproductive and useless  in your mind?

If you are one of the many people in this world that has the privilege of enjoying a long distance relationship that you can learn more on how to keep a long distance relationship and make it last until it can effectively evolve into something more.

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