Sexless Relationship

Are you in a sexless relationship and don’t know how to handle it any more? Have you found that the one you love just doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore?

Is there no spark left between you too?  What happened to the good old days? Or, do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you and he or she is reserving this form of intimacy for someone else?

The experience of a sexless marriage can leave many couples to believe that they are not attracted to each other. When indeed they still are, just lost it somewhere along the way.

It may be perhaps you are stuck in the very same and daily routine of life and its demands on you.  Or, maybe both of you have forgotten how to desire or encourage a natural sex appeal between the two of you so that you can magically make up with each other.

Most of the time when it comes to sex, couples are not that communicative of the desires they expect from each other.  It is not only important but very healthy to explain the desires that you want from the person that you are with.  It doesn’t matter if the desires are embarrassing to talk about.  Lay it all out for them what kind of sexual fantasies you may want to have in your relationship so that it can improve for the better. A healthy sex life with the one you love is an exciting one.  So, don’t ever be ashamed of letting your partner know what you would like to experience with them.  If you are into role playing, role play.  If you are into other things that can’t be mentioned here do them. 

Don’t ever feel that you are limited in trying new and exciting things with the person that you are with.  Always try to keep the fun of it alive and meaningful through the experiences and expression that are felt with one another.  The bed is the landscape to full fill all of your desires that you have and want to have for each other.  So, remember don’t be embarrassed, explain what you want to do with them and make it happen.  You will be surprised to find out that they wanted to do the same thing after all.  Just like a fortune cookie once told me when I opened it up.  “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.”  Nice words don’t you think?  So, venture out with your partner and explore everything there is about them without regrets and without holding back.  They will thank you for it.

Couples are turning to fragrances that have
pheromones in them to increase sexual attraction with their spouses.  They have found out that pheromones do work to increase levels of intimacy, attraction and affection among married couples.  Especially, in those that involve sexless relationships and marriages.

Having a low sex drive may also seem that you don’t want to have any sex with your partner.  Then, a feeling of unworthiness, and unattractiveness sets in which may cause confusion and frustration to both parties.

If you feel that if he or she is not fulfilling your sexual desires the way they should be filled, then communicate with you partner on the issues that are bothering you.

So, if your sexual drive is down or if you are simply frustrated in not knowing why your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you, then get it back in understanding the strategic techniques that keep couples lasting a long time. A sexless relationship, if not dealt with properly, usually leads to separation or divorce in the long run.Learn more on how to fix a sexless relationship today so that you can restore that ever loving union that you once shared together.

Why Won’t He Have Sex With Me?


Have you come to a point in your relationship or marriage and found out that he won’t have sex with you like he used too?

What happened to those fun and exciting times of the past that you used to share with him?  Are they all gone now or can you work the magic again to keep it going healthy for many years to come?

Not having sex in a relationship is a very good indicator of things to come such as infidelity, the seeking of affection from others, future arguments and frustrations for the both of you.  Is this what you really want?

Perhaps, identifying this behavior now, gives you enough time to better evaluate the situation to make it better for the both of you.  Maybe you have detected this just in time to fix your relationship.

A healthy and natural sexual relationship is very healthy – both physically and mentally.  It forms a close bond and a unique intimacy that only both of you can share.  You will also be surprised how far you can take your sexual experience with the one you love by moving on to higher levels within it.

Why Won’t She Have Sex With Me?


 What do you do if you are a man and you come to the realization that your woman doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore?

Well, you may at first think that she may be unfaithful to you but how many times are you really going to take in the excuse that she is just tired, sick or bad mannered?  It may be only a matter of time until she takes it upon herself to leave you for another man.

Women want to feel like they are wanted and needed and adored in a relationship.  Without these basic and simple elements their interest starts to move somewhere else.  The need for these basic elements in a relationship are what most men lose grip on.

Communicating will allow her to open herself up and start questioning why is he not having sex with me now.  The control and power shifts and the woman becomes the person of wanting. If you keep ignoring the situation and continue to live your daily life without stopping to see that she is slowly slipping from your fingers, then you will come to the realization that the sand in the hourglass is emptying out very quickly.

Learn more about how you can restore a sexless relationship so that you can move on to a more abundant and satisfied sexual life with your partner or spouse. The intent is there for you to do so, it is up to you to make it happen.

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