Romantic Relationships

Did you ever think that when you finished high school and stepped foot into college that your life would change when finding that perfect romantic relationship?  Many people, especially women have the idea that their dream man will come through naturally for them.  While most of them think they are right, you can expect that for some this does not happen.

Why do some people just draw to them the perfect romantic relationship while others are just struggling in this area? The ones that are truly romantic themselves will most often than not, give off the vibe of actually attracting someone just as romantic.  Let’s face it, if you are not feeling or wanting anything romantic in your life, do you really expect to receive it?

The first notion to actually attract a romantic person into your life is to give off the vibe each and every day to get back what you are giving out.  This is the law of attraction working for you each and every day.  You get back what you receive in life.  Romance is no different.

When you change your mindset from wondering when the perfect man or woman will come to your life and change it to “knowing” each day that it “will” happen.  Then this will be a sure thing for you to eventually experience in life.

I remember when I was going to meet my wife, I had always pictured on how she would look.  I had a specific type and personality in mind.  When it really came to it, I gave myself two weeks before I eventually found her.  Can you believe that?

Two weeks before I ever met her, I had a picture of her in my mind on how she would look and be like.  Most of the time when you send something out into the universe for something that you want, it will eventually happen if you believe and wake up to the idea of it each and every day.  This is what I did.

I actually moved an hour away form where I was living into a much better city.  Before I knew it, I had my future wife move in with me and we shared the rent together.  Almost ten years later we are still happily married and she still considers me the most romantic person she has ever met.

I still believe in cooking dinner while serving wine under candle light.  I give her massages when she has worked hard in a day. Of course, opening car doors is still common in our marriage and she still appreciates all of that.

Don’t ever forget that what you give in the relationship is what you always get back  This is always an important rule to follow.  A lot of these marriages can be very one sided as years pass along.

It should also be noted that relationships last when you keep “giving” to your significant other, even though he or she is not doing the same in return.  What you really don’t want is to have two people in the relationship not giving affection or romance to each other.  So keep it going for your sake.

They will love you for it.  Letting the other person know that you still care for them is also romantic and is acknowledged by doing rather than expecting to always receive it.  Always expecting to receive something in a relationship is not the way to go.  Give first and then get back easily.  This has always been a universal rule to follow for everything that has ever happened in life.

Here are some romantic tips for couples:

  • Make dinner with wine under candle light.
  • Surprise your partner with an unexpected gift.
  • Take your partner to a new place, scene or location to impress a memory on them to remember.
  • Every once in a while, take her out to that nice fancy restaurant that you two love so much.
  • Give your partner a massage in the evening and jump in the tub afterwards.
  • Always tell your lover that you love them by whispering within their ear and then gently tug their ear with your teeth.  They always love this.
  • Have the kids stay at the grandparents house for the night and romance your partner while nobody is home. Do you remember “doing it” until the sun came up?  I sure do 🙂  (Make sure you have plenty of energy for this one).

I hope that romance never dies in your relationship.  It is always important to keep it alive and strong each and every day.  If you skip a day, that is ok. Just make sure you have a plan sometime through out the week to surprise him or her.

Always change it around and do something new each time to keep the passion and the fire going.  I hope that these tips were helpful for you both, when considering that romance is still very much an important aspect in keeping a relationship thriving-for something more every time.

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