Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem

Loving someone with low self-esteem is hard. If you are with someone that hates themselves, he can drive you crazy with his lack of self-esteem and courage.

You might be in a relationship with someone that is beautiful, kind, caring and loving and you might connect with this person. When you look at this person, you might see that they can comfort you and keep you calm. They love you and you love them, but you might find that you have a hard time of accepting their love. When this happens, you have to figure out how to get yourself out of this kind of rut.

Having low-self esteem is easy for some to understand but when you feel ashamed of being who you are or embarrassed about your life, chances are that you are seen as damaged or different. If you don’t love yourself, you might have a hard time wishing that you could but more than likely, you just wish you were someone else.

You get stuck in the life that you have and when you hate yourself and you are sad of who you are, it will not get you anywhere.

Men with Low Self-Esteem

Dealing with a man that has low self-esteem can cause him to become different and hard to deal with. He will do things such as party a lot, sleep around, spend money and do whatever he can to hide who he is so that he does not have to face his feelings. This can continue until you get so deep that you feel like you cannot get out.

When your guy has low self-esteem, it can show up in different ways. Sometimes, he will hide and not want others to see him while at other times he will try to prove himself to you over and over again. Low-self esteem is hard to understand and a guy that has low self-esteem might not even realize how low he is.

When you love him, you need to get him through his feelings. You have to show him that he is important and worthy, and you cannot give up on who he is. There will be times that he will hurt you and even though he will not want to, he will hurt you because he is dealing with things in his heart that he cannot explain.

Loves You

When a guy has no self-esteem, he will love you, but he will hate himself as much as he loves you. He will experience pain and heartache and he will not be able to get over it. He might not even know he is dealing with these things and no matter how hard you try; he will stay in this state and always be anxious and wishing he were someone else besides who he is.

He will want to love who he is, but he will not be able to be this person. He will try to love you and make you love him, and this will be in his heart but when you ask him how he feels about himself; he will not be able to say anything positive.


A guy with low self-esteem will look for someone to give him attention. He will want you and other women to validate who he is. He will flirt and want you to date him, but he will want to date many women so that he can get more and more attention. He will dress good and have a great job, but he just is looking for someone to show him attention.

He needs someone to approve of him and no matter what he does, he will not feel worthy. He will look for someone to make him worthy and, in your love, and respect for him, he will continue to do things wrong that will hurt you.

He will feel bad for the way he does things and even though he does not want to do these things, he cannot escape the feeling of needing accepted. If you want to know why he feels this way, he cannot explain it.

You cannot take a conversation with your man because he will not be ready to admit his feelings. He will never admit who he is or what he feels but he will be there if you need him.

Got Lucky

When you meet this guy, he will love you and he will feel that he has won a prize. He will want to show you off and as soon as he gets with you, he will want to be strong with you. He will need to be with you more and more so he can experience you and feel better about who he is.

A guy that has self-hatred is not able to fool others for long and he will show that he is not worthy, but he will not be able to explain it. He will want you to value him and make it where you love him so much that he can love himself.

The relationship will not be about you, but it will be about a broken man that has a problem with his heart, one that needs to know he is worth something. Learn to love him and not just focus on how he looks because he will not treat the relationship with respect if he feels like you are fooled by how he feels.


This guy will want to change the world for you, and he will distract you from how he feels about himself. Even though inside he feels unworthy, he will go out of his way to prove that he is worthy for you.

He does not want to live his life without you, he has big dreams that give him hope to be better and to be accepted. He wants to have a drive that gives him his desires and he wants to be able to get up and live a life without being heart broken by how he feels about who he is.

He wants to know that right in this moment that the two of you are inseparable and he will love you, kiss you and look into your eyes and tell you how much he loves you. It is here that you must tell him how much he means to you and that you motivate him to know that he is enough.


Some men with low self esteem will not have the confidence or security inside of themselves. They will feel that they are threatened every time someone new comes into their life. They will have a hole in their heart that you will feel and when you give them attention, they will be good but when something gets your attention, they might act crazy.

He will not want you to suffer or to control you, but he will feel that he has to because he does not want you to hurt him. He is already full of pain because of who he is and when you do things against him it makes him feel like lashing out and being rude.

In the Moment

Guys with low self esteem often spend their time living in the past. They feel guilty over who they are and because of the failures that they have had. They will regret things and feel that they have disappointed everyone they have met.

They live this life even in their future and even though they want to be happy, they feel sad because they feel that they are not doing enough or accomplishing enough things. Even though he might have a strong future and idea, he feels that he is not worthy unless he gets all of the things, he sets out to get.

He becomes desperate to achieve all of the things in his life, so he feels good enough. Love him for who he is and tell him that you do.


This guy will be afraid to commit to you because he will be afraid that he will disappoint you. He does not believe in himself and he does not believe that he can be good enough. He feels that everything he does; he does wrong and he does not want to hurt you.

No matter what he is doing, try to understand him and help him to love who he is.

Pain and Suffering

Even though this sounds twisted, chances are he might enjoy seeing you suffer and feeling pain. This can give him pride. This happens because he does not feel worthy and so he feels that if you are not happy or you are going through things that you can better understand how much he loves you.

Loving Himself

Your guy has to learn to love who he is so that he can love you. He has to reach down inside and love all parts of him, even the ones that scare him. He has to learn to suffer through his life.

If he only learns to love some things about himself, he will never develop who he is, and he will never be able to truly love you. He will do what he can to avoid the pain and then he will live his life in denial.

You have to stop your man from loving only parts of your relationship if you ever want to be happy. You can work through these problems together and if you can, he will always love you. He will remember forever how much you loved and helped him. His love for you will be forever.

You have to help him through this and help him to change his life, and if that does not work, you have to walk away.

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