High School Relationships

High school relationships are always fun and can be one of the most memorable experiences to have as you get older in life.

It is the foundation of new experiences and ideas that you put into practice at such an early age and allowed you to test the waters in a relationship.

Of course we all have made mistakes and learned from them in high school, but that was the fun part wasn’t it?  We were able to explore the boundaries of what we could  or could not do at such a young age when it came to dating others.  Sometimes there were people who encouraged and discouraged us on whom to date and why.

Sometimes people do indeed marry their high school sweethearts and have a long and prosperous life together.  While in other situations this does not always work out.  Young adulthood is always vulnerable to the changes of life and new experiences as they are brought forth to them.

That’s why I say when you are in your late teens and early twenties, you will be directly faced with a lot of situations and decisions coming your way.  This may in fact influence your decisions to keep your high school relationship or move on to other experiences that life may have to offer.

There is nothing wrong in dating, but what young adults have to understand is that you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket so early on in the relationship, unless you both mutually agree on this. There re no right or wrong decisions here.  Just pointers of what path you may or may not take. The choice i always your and yours alone.

Although out of my experience, when it comes to relationships, the early ones that are developed in their late teens and early twenties have not lasted as long as they could have.  But that is how life is.  They may be great experiences and they may not be.  It depends on the perspective in which you are seeing it from.

You have to understand that their are infinite amount of perspectives in life on how you can view any particular situation.  You can see how a past relationship could have helped you become the person that you are, but it doesn’t have to define you permanently to who you are. People are and will always evolve in life when they can experience as much as they can.

I had a couple of high school relationships that were memorable and fun, but I no longer communicate with those people any more because I have moved on and so did they.  It was fun while it lasted, but like all things in life, they are all fleeting.  Things, people a situations are going to appear in your life and be gone the next moment.  It is the inevitable concept of life no matter how long you are with someone.

I am not trying to be negative, it is fact that this always happens. So, whether or not you are dating your high school sweetheart or not, make sure you have the best of times and realize that just like everything else in life, it will be short or long lived.

I am always optimistic to see high school couples continue in their union if it works out for them.  I have a cousin in law that that is still married to her high school sweetheart after several decades later.  I find this quite impressive.  Although in the back of my mind I have always wondered on how she did not really have a lot of experiences in dating different people.  There are always going to be different people and flavors in life that want to do what they want to do, regardless of their situation.  All I can say is go for it and see what works for you.

If a high school relationship does not work out, make sure you do not to hold any kind resentment that you may carry for decades in the future.  Some women or men clearly remember having a broken heart in high school and they carry this dilemma with them for years to come.  Don’t be that person.

Understand that their are many loving people that you can date and choose from.  I’m not saying to not have caution in life.  It’s always good to exercise good judgement when in a young relationship.  Just don’t let it ruin your efforts on love for the future.  This is what happens to too many people in young relationships. Resentment could effect new and exciting experiences that you could potentially have.  Don’t let that happen.

Remember that when you are in high school to have fun, live for the moment and make the best out of it.  Some parents approve of high school relationships while others will not.  It is better to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family so that you can let them know how serious you are in the relationship.  It is a sign of respect.  Plus, your parents need to know who you are dating.  Just think of this. Fast forward to your future for a moment. If you had kids, wouldn’t you want to know who your kids are seeing?  You also want to know when they are coming and going and if they are safe or not, right?

As parents, it’s good to be protective of your kids but at the same time parents have to understand that kids want to grow up and try new things with others their age.  High school pregnancies can be avoided if the communication is open between parents and their high school kids.  I always tell young adults that if you want to have kids, wait until you are thirty. Some listen, most do not. By that time, you would have experienced enough things in your twenties to realize if you want to have kids or not.

I had my first child when I was 26 and sometimes people think life does not give you choices to choose from at any given moment.  But in fact you do have choices.  I decided to wait as long as I could because I had an aunt that always instilled in me the idea of not having kids.  It was ingrained in my mind and it worked out very well. For a while anyways.

High school relationships are fun, exciting and you will have an incredible experience that will never match the adult ones.  This is because they are new and have never been experienced before.  So go for it and make sure you keep your parents in the loop of things always. Until next time!

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