Haw Can You Re-Spark The Passion?

Bringing the spark back to a troubled relationshipMany people find it hard to have the connection with others. Especially if they are new to the dating scene. It seems that most people can have dates and usually do not go through with them. Why is this? People don’t seem to stick or commit to relationships anymore. Is it because sexual attraction, the chemistry of scent or simply a lack of sex appeal?

Who is to know? There are also people in relationships that have already noticed their intimacy and affection slipping due to a decline in what they once used to have. This is becoming more and more common these days, especially in marriages. Getting back that sexual spark can introduce a whole new level of affection and intimacy within a couple that they did not know exist.

In humans, we are forever changing and growing. So, learning to grow with the one that you love can be quite an experience if you can handle the ups and downs of a roller coaster of a relationship. If communication is the doorway to the understanding of two people, at least that is a start.

It does not matter if you are gay or straight. You must love yourself first before you have the chance to love another human being. Most people are simply not aware of this aspect in their lives. Being aware of this can allow a future relationship to bloom like a flower.

One of the best ways to get that spark back that you have been desiring is to communicate with your partner on things that matter most. Tell them what you feel and don’t hold back. If you feel that the relationship is not working, tell them.

Honesty is always the best thing you can do in an open relationship. Dating is hard, but going through with it allows you to live life and cherish its experiences first hand without fear. The pheromones within us act as a sexual trigger to enhance intimacy in relationships and attraction. Without the proper chemistry, fulfillment in love cannot be achieved entirely. It is all or nothing.

Relationships have their ups and downs and nobody really knows how long they will last or endure. Keeping a relationship or marriage going can be hard work at times because the emotional roller coasters that a couple can share together. But if a relationship can withstand the negative aspects of life, then they will be able to full experience the positive aspect so of an evolved relationship together. And I think that is an important concept to grasp when you love someone dearly.

One day you can be lovey dovey and the next day up in each others throats hating each other. Well, that’s a relationship for you. What do you expect. This is what you signed up for wasn’t it?

Don’t ever say, I wont ever get into a relationship, because then you will never know what you would be missing. I say, dive in and experience as much as you can with each other because it will help you learn, experience grow and strengthen each other in the long run.

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