Controlling Relationships

Controlling relationships can be one of the most dangerous relationships that can turn into something more threatening later. 

Most of the time, controlling relationships are caused by one person having more money than the other. 

If you and your spouse are having money issues, than this may be one of the reasons why one person is controlling the other.  Most men feel that money is power since they are the ones that make it, then they should be the ones calling the shots.

Having the financial freedom in a marriage is not only healthy, but in most cases, it can improve the longevity of a relationship and reduce the many arguments that are currently taking place.

If you are in a relationship or marriage and your partner introduces the aspect of fear in to your life daily, you must act on your confidence to dig your way out of this one.  A man respects a confident woman.

To men, insecure women are easy to deal with and handle.  They can be pushed around and told to do things at will for fear of rejection or getting kicked out of the home.

Most women depend on men financially to support the kids and themselves. This issue mostly effects housewives that do not have a career and do not bring any kind of money to the home. For women, it can be quite hard to effectively turn your relationship around with their spouse under these conditions.

Controlling relationships come from a partner or spouse that is extremely insecure with themselves and needs to feel like the boss in the home.  They can turn more abusive and troublesome as time goes on, if not dealt with care and discretion.

This insecurity can lead to disastrous outcomes if you do not stand up to this person with confidence and diligence.

You will be surprised how your spouse or partner will yield when you do this.  Although I advise that you approach this with patience first.

Controlling relationships are one of the most difficult ones to deal with.  If one person is more controlling than the other one than the results could be disastrous in the end.  This can lead to an unhappy relationship full of fear and discernment.  Above all, most controlling relationships end up in a separation or divorce if not dealt with properly.  You must ask yourself what has caused this to happen in your lives?  Was it the job, travel or a situation in your relationship that has developed into something bigger over time?

Some of the best ways to deal with a controlling relationship is to stand up to your partner and not take insult or negativity from them. Most partners that are controlling respond well to those that stand up to them and fight back, so to speak. You must deal with controlling relationships head on and deal with all of the matters at hand, then and there.  Never leave things unresolved.

If your partner is always grumpy and never satisfied with life then consider the aspect of trying to figure out what he or she wants most out of life.  What is wrong with the most current situation that has caused all of this to happen?  Was it a change in life like a new birth, changes in job, attitude and feelings about sexuality or an overall discontent?

We need to ask ourselves if we have the ability to make a relationship grow for the better and not waste it away with inconsistent thoughts of negativity and disappointment. If you are involved in a controlling relationship where you are the one that is not in control, than you must take the control back.  It doesn’t matter if you are at home and not even working.  A balanced level of 50/50 must be present between the two of you to move on from this.

Don’t allow the fear of unemployment stop you from taking a stand from a controlling partner.  You will be surprised how many people have the upper hand at home and they don’t even work.  A man respects a woman that is not afraid and that can stand up for herself.  No matter the cost.  It will make your relationship or marriage that much more stronger. Trust me. Remember the balance issue?

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