Jealousy Relationships

Jealousy relationships are often the hard ones to deal with.  So, what can you do to overcome jealousy issues once and for all?

You may be experiencing a partner or spouse that is always jealous of you or you are always jealous of them.  No matter what they do or who they come in contact with, emotion of jealousy often appears  in your face and you are not quite sure what to do about it?  I can tell you now that although some jealousy is good at times, an overwhelming amount can lead to frustration, resentment and intolerance in a relationship.

In order to get the attention back that you need in a jealous relationship, you must first come to the understanding that it will usually lead you now where.  The less you think about your partner the more he or she will give you back the attention.

Yes, I know this sounds different, but they say that if you show that you care less, then the amount of love and affection that you will receive will be given back to you much more. This is true in most jealousy relationships because if you are already feeling that you are jealous, then your partner has the upper hand on you.  You need to make things equal again by giving them a piece of their own medicine.

Now, to do this you can start on inviting friends over and if you catch your partner talking to the member of the opposite sex then you do the same all night long so that he or she can become aware of it and take notice of you even more.  Soon as your partner starts to realize that you are giving more attention to someone else and not him, than you are on your way to full filling your goal.  There is nothing better than having your partner feel the way that you do.

Here are some ways to eliminate Jealousy in a Relationship:

Act like you care less – (Even if you don’t)
Do call or bug your partner too much
Never tell your partner that you can’t live without them – They will only take advantage of this
Try to make your own money if your partner is the bread winner and you are not
Act like your are too busy sometimes to hang out with your partner – remember that an equal balance of jealousy must exist in the relationship for it to effectively work.

Learn how to overcome jealousy in your relationship, so you can move forward to a more satisfied relationship with the one that you love.

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