Insecurity in Relationships

Are you dealing with uncertain insecurity in your relationship.  Are you able to trust your partner or do you worry too  much that he or she is getting the attention of another.

Insecurity in a relationship occurs when you or your partner does not trust you in life.  You may feel that sometimes you are not good enough or you may require more affection and attention that your significant other may not be readily giving you.

There is nothing worse than realizing that the one you love has an interest for somebody else.  This usually causes distress in a persons life that can be taken with them in their next relationship, thus the insecurity factor increasing each time.

If you have been hurt by someone in the past and are insecure with your current relationship, than it is time to let go of your past experience and move on to a more trustworthy relationship that you can build off of.

Here are some ways to alleviate insecurity in a relationship:

1.  Trust your partner more.  If they are with you then they love and want to be with you.  Don’t feel so insecure because they are beautiful and you don’t want other prying eyes on your  love property.  You must be secure with yourself first.

Remember to not show signs of insecurity to your partner or spouse.  This may lead them to stray away from you.  A partner always love a certain sense of confidence about you.  If you can maintain yourself properly than you have achieved a result that most insecure relationships have been experiencing for years.

3.  Don’t let past experiences of insecurity in relationships bring you down.  Don’t allow it to overcome your well being in your current relationship. Creating a reality of insecurity gets you exactly what you don’t want in your life right now.

4.  Allow yourself to trust yourself more and to trust the one you love. It doesn’t have to be a game of insecurity each day.  Don’t battle with it any longer.  Maintain your confidence and your partner will admire you for that.  Remember that insecure relationships don’t last until you can make yourself understand the concepts of trust, communication and to let go of past experiences that brought you to this stage in your life of insecurity.

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